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Baluster Panels - Can they be drawn with sweeps?

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03-10-2011 07:47 AM

I have a stair railing I am trying to create and have not had any success (see Attached image).  It is round bars with a couple different branches hanging out.


Is this something that would be easiest to create as generic model and nest inside the Baluster Panel family?  I am looking for options or suggestions to get this accomplished.


Thanks for your help and thoughts.

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Re: Baluster Panels - Can they be drawn with sweeps?

03-15-2011 06:18 AM in reply to: Caddman13

A few approaches to consider:

1.  Baluster Panel Family

Extrusion in Baluster Panel family, or nested generic model in baluster panel family.  It might take some adjustment between the project and family, but this is definitely a possibility.  If the railing geometry is curved or breaks to many landings this method may make sense more than #2.


2.  Model this as In-Place Component in Project

If the stair is relatively finalized, you may consider creating an in-place component in the project.  You should be able to set the active work plane to a face on the railing, and then model this condition as needed.  This may be the easiest method to create this type of geometry.


I hope some of this may be helpful; if you have any follow-up questions let us know.


Thank you,

Ryan Duell
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