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Assigning materials to ADSK imported file

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04-28-2010 07:15 AM
We use Revit Arch as our main familiy modeling software. We are just starting to model familyes in Inventor since we noticed that an EAC exchange new enviroment allows to export Inventor modeled componets into revit whith some advanteges
The problem is than we cant assign materials to the solids, once that we had opened on Revit.
None instance material parameter exist in order to drive the material whit a family parameter, and assignin the material by category is not enought couse we had different components in the same category. sub category assigment is also imposible cause none Subcategory parameter is shown to assign the solid to on sub category created.
any help or tip to assign materials to ADSK imported components???
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Re: Assigning materials to ADSK imported file

05-06-2010 01:00 PM in reply to: fitogm81
We are experiencing the same problem (using Revit Structural 2010). The only work-around that I've found so far is to use "overrides". In any project view, right-click on the ADSK element > Override Graphics in View > By Element. Expand the Surface Patterns option, select a color, then make sure to select a Pattern (I always use the Solid surface pattern to give the element a solid color).

The main problem with this method is that it is view-specific. In other words, setting the color in one view does not change/set the color in any other view.

Tip: If you want to assign a particular color and pattern to several ADSKs in a project view, select all of the ADSKs at once (using CTRL-select) and set the color/pattern. It's a time-saver if your model contains a lot of ADSKs that you want displayed similarly.

Other things I've tried that didn't work:

I tried placing the ADSK into a family prior to placing that new family into my project. In the family, I was able to add a Materials parameter and assign a color/material. The ADSK element even turned the appropriate color/material on the screen. However, Revit did not give me the option of making the new parameter a "project parameter". Therefore, the new parameter wouldn't push to my project and the ADSK showed up white as usual (in the project).
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Re: Assigning materials to ADSK imported file

05-07-2010 06:54 AM in reply to: fitogm81
In Revit 2010, there isn't a way to assign materials or colors to geometry imported from ADSK files. However, Inventor 2011 now exports material data to ADSK files, which means that materials assigned in the Inventor model are now retained in the AEC Exchange process. When ADSK files created with Inventor 2011 are imported into Revit 2011, materials are displayed as they were in the original Inventor model. There still isn't a method to modify the assigned materials once the ADSK file is imported into Revit so the important step is to make sure that the desired material assignment are made in Inventor prior to exporting to ADSK format.

I hope this information helps and look forward to hearing your feedback about the new functionality available in our 2011 products.
Tony Michniewicz
AEC Solutions - Revit MEP
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Re: Assigning materials to ADSK imported file

01-28-2013 07:20 AM in reply to: tony.michniewicz

We`re using Inventor 13 to design all of our machines and products. Most of the models have to get simplified because of the file size so the architecture could eventually use the models in Revit. Whenever we use the Inventor 13 BIM Exchange tool to create a .adsk file, Revit wouldn't import all the material-settings correctly. The material overview shows all the imported materials as unassigned although we chose the shared material library for Inventor & Revit as we created the models in Inventor. So we end up not having the correct appearance for the material if we don`t assign all the materials to the library in Revit. Is this is a bug to be fixed or should it work properly?

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