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Architecture & MEP Objects hosted in Linked Arch Model

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02-16-2012 10:10 AM



We currently have an Architectural Model and are trying to collabourate with the MEP engineers who are trying to place lighting families in their model, that need to be hosted in/on elements mainly ceilings in the Architectural model. The ceiling hosted content that they already have won't host on the linked model ceilings. From the various threads on the internet that we have found, there seems to be a couple of possible workflows, but none of them seem to be totally satisfactory. These include


1) Copy the ceilings into the MEP model to allow the placement of the lights/Grilles/Other Equipment
Downside is that any updates require careful coordination. This feels like  recipe for a disaster if same ceilings are relied on for designing services within the void and they aren't up to date with the Architectural model...!


2) MEP Engineer re-creates his content to be face hosted rather than ceiling hosted so it will use linked ceiling.

Engineer not happy with the additional work or the fact that this doesn't deliver a complete solution. Any changes again need careful coordination and re-hosting onto any ceilings that may move as the fixtures won't move with the architects ceiling.


3) Architects place the ceiling hosted equipment

This opens up many concerns about liability and ownership and also not sure how MEP interface with the equipment across the linked file. Have we just moved the problem 1 step down the line???


4) I found something about using reference planes in the MEP model that could be constrained to the Architectural Ceiling and then hosting the ceilings on that, but don't fully understand this  work flow enough.!


Surely this has happened frequently enough already that there most be some industry recognised Do's and Dont's?


Can anyone outline a workflow that maintains the design control and liability where it should be, but allows coordination between a model that may require change through its lifecycle that can be managed in each respective descipline.


Any assistance appreciated.

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Re: Architecture & MEP Objects hosted in Linked Arch Model

03-01-2012 08:01 AM in reply to: Keldar67

Keldar67 wrote:.
The ceiling hosted content that they already have won't host on the linked model ceilings. ..

Any assistance appreciated.

Can you specify which families exactly are the ones that "won't host on the linked model ceilings"? I see that I can place celing based lighting fixtures families in Revit MEP on the ceiling of an architectural linked model, and if if I go back to the architectural model and change the height of the ceiling, save and close, and I reload the link in the RMEP model, the lighting fixtures respond correctly to the change.


Before thinking of other time-consuming workarounds, it would be recommended to investigate if that statement about the ceiling based RMEP families is true or not. For what I see, it is not true.

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Re: Architecture & MEP Objects hosted in Linked Arch Model

10-02-2012 05:57 AM in reply to: Keldar67

Our firm has encountered this same problem.The Autodesk lighting families are ceiling based and so we have to change them to face based to host them to a linked Revit model. The solutions all involve the question of ownership and who places the ceilings and who places the lights.


Has anyone found an answer to this workflow issue? Is there a way to host the ceiling based families in the MEP Revit model without editing them to be face based or using reference planes?



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