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Angled wall reveals

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09-22-2004 12:12 PM
I know how to make wall reveals. The problem is that they 're only horizontal or vertical. Check the attached image to see what I want to do Any help will be greatly appreciated
*Jakub G�ralski
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Re: Angled wall reveals

09-22-2004 03:07 PM in reply to: *JTB
Try in place families. I've created this file in five minutes. These are sweeps, but if you want reveals just select void instead of solid while creating the in place family. I'm a beginner which proves two things: how intuitive is Revit and that I've to learn more :-) The best would be a sort of "parametric sweep" with adjustable dimensions, but it takes more than 5 minutes, let's say 6 ;-) Regards Q
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