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ADLM and Revit 6

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12-19-2003 02:32 PM
Hi everyone! Here is my situation. I have had ADLM running for a while in a redundant server model, and I use both VIZ and ADT with it. When I initially set it up I was having trouble with one of the three servers being able to communicate with the other 2 servers, after fighting with it for some time I found that if I changed the default port on all three servers from 27005 to 29005, like magic it all started to work. I also had to modify the LICPATH.LIC file on the client end, but it all worked and has been working beautifully for months. Then along came Revit 6.0! I got my new revit license file, added it to my existing file for the servers, reread the license and everything seems fine, but I have found that if I install Revit 6.0 on a machine that is not running the network version of ADT it can't find the license server?? I think it has to do with my port number change but Revit does not appear to use LICPATH.LIC file like ADT and VIZ. How can I get the machines with this problem to work? I'd rather not have to change the port number back to 27005, because I'll still have the problem with the server that I had before and I'll have to change the LICPATH.LIC on every machine. thanks -k
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