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Add Parameters to Family Category - View Title

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01-17-2012 10:13 AM

I'm trying to create a custom view title family for the office (see attached).  We'd like to have a label for Drawing Type (ie. "Building Plan" in the attached image) in the view title which would appear in the properties tab under identity data, next to the standard Title on Sheet, View Name, etc. 


In the project, I am able to create a project parameter which appears as desired in the properties tab, but am unable to add the parameter inside the family when creating it.  It seems impossible to add this parameter to the standard view title family template (alongside Detail Number, Sheet Number, etc.). 


I tried it using a Generic Annotation family, but in the project, Revit does not recognize that family as a view category family and therefore you cannot choose this family when setting your view type.


Any ideas?



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Re: Add Parameters to Family Category - View Title

01-17-2012 10:47 AM in reply to: devinmccarthy

I remember having to deal with this, and if I remember correctly, it is not possible to add custom parameters to the view title.

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