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Adative Family - Angled Extrusions

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12-23-2011 07:53 AM

I'm trying to create an adaptive family (a concrete bleacher/bench) that mitres to its adjoining instances when placed in a project (see attached images).

The family is not acting as I intend it to when loaded into the project (bottom right image). I've created six adaptive points which are intended to correspond to refeence points in the project.

I think the problem has to do with the faces of the extrusion, they don't seem to be able to align to an angled reference plane. Anyone have any tips on how the extrusion can expand/contract in a linear fashion and have ends that mitre adaptively?

Thank you!

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Re: Adative Family - Angled Extrusions

12-23-2011 08:02 AM in reply to: devinmccarthy

I don't know why your AC s are not working--however, I would suggest that you might try building the bleachers

using Stairs, or even walls and floors, instead of a complex Conceptual Mass with Adaptive Components.


That said, it could probably be made to work as you are trying to do--just a matter of figuring out how to create the Mass.


It might be much easier to just sweep your Profile along the path in Plan? Not sure the AC is doing much good?



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Re: Adative Family - Angled Extrusions

12-23-2011 09:16 AM in reply to: ccollins

I agree with Clif. Is there a special reason for choosing adaptive components to do this? If not, you are spending too much time; you could have done it in a few minutes with a simple solid by sweep. See illustration.

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Re: Adaptive Family - Angled Extrusions

01-03-2012 10:59 AM in reply to: Alfredo_Medina

Thanks Cliff & Alfredo,


The sweep will definitely be more simple and practical for most of my applications.


I'm looking into the adaptive family for an R&D project;  I will likely have a few instances where the bleacher family is abutting a different family in which case the sweep might not join/mitre as I intend it to.  So I'll plug away a little more at getting it to work.

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