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Specify Print Setup Name

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01-11-2012 01:56 PM

I have written a Drawing Issuing Program in So far it works with exporting DWGs and DWFs to specific project folders based on the Central Model location. I am now trying to add a PDF printing routine with great difficulty. We have Acrobat Pro installed so we have the Adobe PDF printer installed on machines. I have a Print Setup in our Project Template called “PDF 42x30 FULL-BLK”. I currently have code that will start printing process, but cannot seem to set the PrintManager.PrintSetup. I found a piece of code that seem to look like what I want but continues to fail. Here is the code that I seem to have trouble with.


    Private Sub CreateAndPrintViewSet(ByVal document As Document, ByVal viewSet As ViewSet)

        'Set the print range to the current view

        m_printMgr.PrintRange = Autodesk.Revit.DB.PrintRange.Current

        'Set file name for PDF

        Dim PDFtoFile As String = Path.Combine(m_pdfFloder, m_pdfFileName)

        If Not SetPrintSettings("PDF 42x30 FULL-BLK") Then

            TaskDialog.Show("PrintPDF", "Unable to set Print Settings")


        End If

        'Set Print Manager to print to File

        m_printMgr.PrintToFile = True

        'Set Print Manager to print to File Name

        m_printMgr.PrintToFileName = PDFtoFile

        'Initailizes Print


    End Sub


    Public Shared Function SetPrintSettings(ByVal name As String) As Boolean

        MessageBox.Show("Start Getting Names")

        For Each ps As Element In m_activeDoc.PrintSettings

            If ps.Name = name Then

                If m_printMgr.PrintSetup.CurrentPrintSetting Is DirectCast(ps, IPrintSetting) Then

                    Dim trans = New Transaction(m_activeDoc)

                    trans.Start("PDF 42x30 FULL-BLK")

                    m_printMgr.PrintSetup.CurrentPrintSetting = DirectCast(ps, IPrintSetting)


                    Return True

                End If

                Return True

            End If


        Return False

    End Function


After I get this working, I need to set the Adobe Save As window to the correct location.

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Re: Specify Print Setup Name

01-12-2012 05:42 AM in reply to: rickross96



Have you tried the sample at <<Revit SDK>>\Samples\ViewPrinter\CS ?


It is similar to want you described.



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