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Insert a planar based family instance

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11-03-2009 12:21 PM

I have an object (Simpson Strong-Tie CS22 strap Structural Connection) and I am trying to insert it using any NewFamilyInstance method. So far nothing works... I snooped the object after manually inserting it and found that it is a curve (2 points in world coordinates), and has a working plane (sketch plane parameter) set by string to the object you first selected (in my case a wooden stud). That tells me that it should insert using the NewFamilyInstance(Face, Line, FamilySymbol) method. But when I use this, even after having gotten the proper Geometry.PlanarFace object from the stud's geometery, Revit throws an internal error (of an unknown description). Has anybody used this method of inserting a family instance, and can they help me figure it out why I am getting this error.


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Re: Insert a planar based family instance

10-01-2012 11:36 AM in reply to: JamieVJohnson

I'm running into a similar problem with the adaptive generic component. Has there been a solution or a reason as to why this is occuring?



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Re: Insert a planar based family instance

10-05-2012 05:15 PM in reply to: Crashnorun



I will be happy to investigate further if you can provide a minimal buildable VS project and a RVT file with the loaded family (whose instance you wish to create) and attach it to this post. Please ensuire that the VS project contains minimal code and does not contain any information that might be considered confidential.




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