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FilledRegion.Create returning Boundaries are self-intersecting.

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04-01-2013 05:28 PM



I have simple code where I want to create FilledRegion. Whatever I do I get back: Boundaries are self-intersecting.


Here's my code:

IList<RDB.CurveLoop> boundaries = new List<RDB.CurveLoop>();
RDB.CurveLoop curve = CreateCurve(doc, new RDB.XYZ(0, 0, 0), new RDB.XYZ(0, 10, 0));
RDB.CurveLoop curve2 = CreateCurve(doc, new RDB.XYZ(0, 10, 0), new RDB.XYZ(10, 10, 0));
RDB.CurveLoop curve3 = CreateCurve(doc, new RDB.XYZ(10, 10, 0), new RDB.XYZ(0, 0, 0));
CreateFilledRegion(doc, boundaries);

And here are two external functions:

private RDB.CurveLoop CreateCurve(RDB.Document doc, RDB.XYZ start, RDB.XYZ end)
    RDB.Line line = doc.Application.Create.NewLine(start, end, true);
    RDB.CurveLoop curve = new RDB.CurveLoop();
    XLIB.Geometry.CreateDetailLine(doc, start, end);
    return curve;
private void CreateFilledRegion(RDB.Document doc, IList<RDB.CurveLoop> boundaries)
    RDB.Element t = XLIB.Selection.GetTypes(doc, typeof(RDB.FilledRegionType)).FirstOrDefault();
    RDB.FilledRegion.Create(doc, t.Id, doc.ActiveView.Id, boundaries);


Any thaugts?




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Re: FilledRegion.Create returning Boundaries are self-intersecting.

04-02-2013 07:37 PM in reply to: ivo.zagar

this is my working code snippet:



newCurveLoop = new List<CurveLoop>();
curveLoop = new CurveLoop();
for (int i = 0; i < LineCount; i++)
.......... if ((LINE_TYPE)lineType == LINE_TYPE.LINEAR) curveLoop.Append(_document.Application.Create.NewLine(new XYZ(x1, y1, 0), new XYZ(x2, y2, 0), true)); else if ((LINE_TYPE)lineType == LINE_TYPE.ARC) curveLoop.Append(_document.Application.Create.NewArc(new XYZ(x1, y1, 0), radius, startRadian, endRadian, new XYZ(1, 0, 0), new XYZ(0, 1, 0))); } newCurveLoop.Add(curveLoop); FilledRegion.Create(_document, materialId, view.Id, newCurveLoop);


I'm just wondering, why are you recreated curveloop in each CreateCurve funtion,link this

RDB.CurveLoop curve = new RDB.CurveLoop();

just try it.

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Re: FilledRegion.Create returning Boundaries are self-intersecting.

04-04-2013 05:56 AM in reply to: ivo.zagar

Thanks, that was it: only one CurveLoop.

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