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FamillyParameter Structural Material Type

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11-16-2012 04:47 AM

Hi All,


I'm creating some structural framing families using the API.

I want to be able to set existing family parameters such as "Structural Material Type" to Steel or Concrete etc.


But I don't seem to be able to identify the built in parameter id (and iterating through existing I can see it).


Can someone please adivse?





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Re: FamillyParameter Structural Material Type

11-26-2012 12:10 AM in reply to: GeomGym

Try calling the following code passing your instance that you want the parameter ids for.


The ID should be the second value on a line.




private void DisplayParameters(Element instance)


string message = "";

foreach (Parameter p in instance.Parameters)


message += string.Format("{0}:{4} [{1}-{2}] [{3}]\n", p.Definition.Name, p.StorageType.ToString(), p.HasValue, p.StorageType == StorageType.String ? p.ToString() : p.AsValueString(), p.Id);


TaskDialog.Show("Parameters", message);




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Re: FamillyParameter Structural Material Type

01-16-2013 07:25 AM in reply to: GeomGym


Revit lookup can help to get the built-in parameter member name if you know the parameter name.


After click the "Parameters" property node in the RevitLookup, you can see the button named "Built-in Enums Map..." button. Click this button a dialog shows. Click the Value column to sort the parameter name. Then you can easily found the parameter that you already know its name string. In the right column  is the corresponding built-in member.

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