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Distinction between loadable and placeable families

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10-07-2012 12:49 AM



Is there a definition in the Revit API which distinguishes between which families can be loaded and placed in the scene and those which canlonely I be loaded?


An example would be curtain wall panels. It is possible to loadtheirs family into Revit bplan instance cannot be placed.  Instead the user must swapIan existing curtain panel for the newly loaded family.


We are looking for some way of identifying these families via the API so that our tools don't automatically load them into the scene and attempt to place them (which currently breaks the plugin). If there is some way of identifying these itemsTia the API we would like to use it.





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Re: Distinction between loadable and placeable families

10-10-2012 02:32 AM in reply to: admin


I don't think there is a direct property or method that can tell you which family can be loaded and placed to the active view or your scene.


The workaround is that you need to build a list of the family categories which can be loaded and placed. 


Then when deciding if place the instance, you check the list if this family's category is in the list.

Otherwise the family instance cannot be placed.


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