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Re: Windows 7

07-24-2012 07:32 PM in reply to: JTAndrews.

Hi to All QuickCAD users.......


First off, I have QuickCAD 7 Millennium Edition. This will work for QuickCAD 6 Millennium Edition as well. I am running Microsoft Vista Ultimate, Service Pack 2 and all current updates, to-date as of this post.


After reading all of the questions and replys in reference to the error message that pops up saying "Failed to update registry. Please try using REGEDIT", I noticed that nobody mentioned the fix that worked for me.


The reason the error message, "Failed to update registry. Please try using REGEDIT", happens in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and NOT in Windows XP or earlier versions of Windows is because Microsoft changed the way Windows Vista and Windows 7 applies permissions to a softwares EXE files that make their own updates and changes to the registry.


Microsoft did this to help stop softwares that make errored and/or fatal registry entries that sometimes end up damaging the registry and/or causing fatal errors that the OS can't resolve on its own. This is because some software companies refuse to use Microsoft's registry administration protocol. Also, it helped to lower the amount of viruses, malware and etc., that make damaging and fatal entries to the registry, from being able to "CRASH" your computer with ease, sometimes making it impossible to recover your computer without the help of an expert to recover it for you.


Now for the fix that worked for me concerning the error message, "Failed to update registry. Please try using REGEDIT", after you install and/or copy (as describe by other posts in this thread) your QuickCAD, go to the directory that you installed and/or copied your QuickCAD to and follow the steps below.


1.   Right Click on the "QuickCad.exe" file.

2.   Click "Properties".

3.   Click the "Compatibility" tab.

4.   Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "Windows XP".

5.   Under "Privilege Level", check "Run this program as an administrator".

6.   Click "Apply", then click "OK".


Now, start up your QuickCAD program and the error message, "Failed to update registry. Please try using REGEDIT", should not pop-up anymore.


I hope this helped to resolve the issue concerning the error message, "Failed to update registry. Please try using REGEDIT".


I would have tried to figure out the install issue for everyone, but that sometimes takes many hours or days of time to resolve and sometimes requires the creation of an installation package that also can take hours and days to create...


Hope this explained it to where people can better understand the real reason why this happens and that it isn't because of bad softwares and/or OS's.



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Re: Windows 7

08-17-2012 11:10 AM in reply to: DH_CADuser

thanks very much for the informed post

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Re: Windows 7

01-28-2013 10:39 PM in reply to: DH_CADuser

I have gotten QuickCAD 7 Running under Windows 7 32Bit & 64Bit.


Extract the Zip into your Program FIles folder and right mouse click on QuickCAD.exe and Send to Desktop.


You should be good to go.


Here is the files you need:




Good Luck

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Re: Windows 7

01-30-2013 07:57 AM in reply to: QuickCAD2013
This answer is a friggin scam. Click on The Quickcad7 link, and it takes you to some site in New Zealand.
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Re: Windows 7

01-31-2013 08:51 PM in reply to: DH_CADuser

Mega is a file hosting site based in New Zealand.  File downloads just fine and is virus/trojan free.


I just tested it on a Virtual Machine (Windows 7 - 32bit) and on a 64bit W7 machine and works as advertised.


All is on the up and up!

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Re: Windows 7

02-02-2013 04:30 PM in reply to: amc_oldsarge
I still think it's a scam. I went to the site and registered. Every time I try to log in, it tells my I typed in the wrong email addy or password. What I do get there is pop-ups telling me to download Google Chrome. I don't want to do that because I hate Google and every thing about it. That said, I'd set my personal preferences aside and download chrome. I'll delete it later. When I try to download it, I get some chinese language site.
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Re: Windows 7

02-03-2013 05:44 PM in reply to: Henrywoj

You don't have to register...... good grief.  


Click on above link which opens a new browser window (doing it in Chrome will make it go faster, as Chrome is required to use the plugin Mega uses to copy the file to you PC).


It will initialize the plugin (which looks like this):



When initlized it will looke like this:




Click to agree to the Terms of Service, then click download.




File will download (under 20Mb).



When finished downloading, click down arrow and save the file you downloaded.


This is NOT difficult.  In fact its simple.  Stop telling people its a scam, just because you can't follow simple on screen instructions or you dislike a companies particular browser.


I'm not a Chrome fan, but the storage site requires it.  If you don't like a particular browser, so be it.  But if you want a working solution of an application you used to use (and in my case LOVE) sometimes you have to use tools you might not care for.


Once again, I have tested this now three times.  It's not a scam.  I do I.T. for a living, I have verified the file is indeed safe.

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Re: Windows 7

02-03-2013 09:42 PM in reply to: DH_CADuser

I am j3r4c45 that no one wanted to hear from, now I have gotten a message a day for the last seven days. Microsoft had and has a very good reason to keep some old programs out of their OS.  At least 300 software engineers graduate each year while unemployment is high. What do think they'll be doing? The forum here is only one of many. For instance Limewire is in courts and ordered to shut down as they  have posted on their websites. Now there are many websites using the name and logos to scam devoted users like you and me. Ares and Frostwire do not work without some kind of work around. Cyber cops have recruited hackers to help with the never ending tasks of contolling cyber crimes. I will not right if I don't get messages. Autodesk  are you listening.


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Re: Windows 7

07-11-2013 09:37 AM in reply to: QuickCAD2013
Thanks man, you're a lifesaver!
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