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Re: Windows 7

01-11-2012 04:16 PM in reply to: j3r4c45

Hi ,Just read the Win7 QuickCad discussion. Will try the work around.Thanks. HAGO!

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Re: Windows 7

01-31-2012 11:13 AM in reply to: laurie2

Hi, I'm posting briefly to this thread in case it might help anyone else.  I just was looking at this issue for a client who is still using QuickCad 7.0/Millennium edition, and is moving to Win7/64 bit workstations from WinXP32bit environment.


Quickcad refuses to install from the installer media.  However, to get the app working there were 2 workarounds which appear to be adequate:


(A) clean install of quick cad on a WinXP32bit VM "Windows XP Mode" virtual machine which is a feature freely available on Win7Pro.  (Note I believe running a Free VM platform for WinXP32bit based on "Oracle VirtualBox" would equally well work for those people who don't have free WinVM platform with their edition of Windows7, ie non-pro versions?  But note of course for a 3rd party VM solution you will need your own legitimate WinXP installer media ..)




(B)  from a computer which has a working install of quickcad: Prepare a few ZIP files from the directories,


--- C:\program files\quickcad

--- C:\program files\common files\quickcad   (something approx like this - I may have it spelled slightly wrong)


transfer these zip files over to your new Win7-64bit system

unzip them on your desktop

move the quickcad folder into C:\program files

if prompted about "require admin rights to do this" - just do it.


then unzip the other zipfile which held the 'common files' data

copy the content of that folder and dump it directly into the C:\program files\quickcad folder.  This will be a grab bag of DLLs and other assorted stuff.  I tried putting in the 'proper place' but quickcad still complained of missing DLLs on startup -- so resorted to putting it all right in the quickcad dir - and .. 


quick cad will then launch .. the first launch, it complains, "app not installed correctly. Please type your name and click OK to proceed or click Cancel to quit".  I guess they really want you to read the error message before proceeding :-)

Also, as part of this: I tweaked the 'compatability' mode for quickcad.exe -- but did that before the DLL fix up; so I'm not certain it actually made any difference.  If you can't get quickcad to run then:


- right click on the quickcad.exe exectuable itself, choose "Compatability" from the pop-up menu

- from the pop-up menu, change it to a more legacy version of windows (Win98 or ME for example)

- I also set "run as admin" because .. this seemed the kind of thing a legacy app would like.

- I also set these properties "For all users". in case someone other than the current logged in user might need the app to work.



I haven't finished exhaustive testing of quickcad yet - will get the client who is familiar with the app to do that -- but this appears to have been a decent workaround, so wanted to post this to the thread in case it might help someone else.


As a footnote, in case it isn't obvious :-)


- I'm sure this is 100% unsuppored by anyone, quickcad and myself included :-)

- your mileage may vary on this, and please don't post to ask me questions if this doesn't work for you - I have never tried this before today, and probably will never try it again in another environment.  It appears to have worked here for me; your mileage may vary.



Tim Chipman

Fortech I.T. Solutions





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Re: Windows 7

01-31-2012 03:13 PM in reply to: louguy

Autodesk loves reading this stuff. They know they got everybody by the bojas. Why don't you design your own watered down CAD and the rest of us will buy from you. As long as people butt heads with the stubborn apps blocker, Autodesk will continue to sell their cad for thousands of greenbacks. With a few high techs that I've read about so far that have a solution for everything except making big money I could generate a bodacious cad. The word is that if you put that much effort into a work-around, you're just a gamer who wants to score the ultimate. I said this before, I have five Dell D610s making me money with Quickcad  and the O.S. is Windows XP. If enough of us would do something like that, then we would be forcing Autodesk's hand into the lighten-up. Maybe not the ultimate score but a pretty high one, don't you think. I was very impressed with Quickcad when I first got it and as far as I'm concerned it's still kicking **** just where it is.......ask Autodesk.

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Re: Windows 7

01-31-2012 08:45 PM in reply to: fortechitsolutions

Tim!  Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! Your detailed procedure has worked for me!!!


Putting the files that are in the common files subdirectory on the XP machine into the \Quickcad directory on the Win7 machine made all the difference in the world. That was the key to the problem I had, that I reported a while ago. My common files subdirectory was \Autodesk Shared


I am running Win7 Home edition on an i3 notebook. The application now works like a charm!



Oh. Mr. j3r4c45, you have posted several times on this thread and said little of consequence. Why do you persist? Most of us don't really care whether Autodesk reads this thread, and I am not convinced that they do. They are too busy creating much more sophisticated features for their sophisticated application. My hat goes off to them. I have used Autocad in other curcumstances, but I don't need any of that sophistication for my own simple uses of my own licensed copy of QuickCad. I especially don't care what you think about that. We are all here trying to help each other make this software work on a more advanced operating system than it was written for. If there is a way to patch it, we are pleased that Autodesk has given us a forum in which to share our experiences. All I wanted to do is bring the software with me onsite where I work, on the computer I use for my onsite work. Now I can do that again. It makes me a happy customer again. Happy customers, when the time comes and the need arises, will do business with the company again.  

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Re: Windows 7

02-01-2012 05:03 AM in reply to: louguy

My hat goes off to you and all the good hearted people. I lived on a farm while growing up and had a sow that had 14 piglets at a time many times many times. I often watched the piglets suckle. While having a nourishable nipple, piglets would never stay on a single one but would rather bump others and take theirs. I APPLAUD all the labor that you have endured to accomplish the tools for success. In a toolbox with a 9/16 that I would lend out to whomever might need it for a feat at hand will eventually wear, then and only then would the users acquire their own. would they lend me theirs. I said this before, look around you then you will see that I said greed in many words. I'm not saying death to autodesk only to the high priced CAD. Todays technology allows many tasks at a very high speed for a fraction of the price. Then join the generous age and be fruitfull. Then and only then will greed be stamped out. You got the tools....go for it. I'm on your side. A king would rather bad mouth his adversaries than give up his throne. When you reign, remember your collegues at the forum.

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Re: Windows 7

02-01-2012 05:10 AM in reply to: louguy

oh by the way, the message wasn't intended for you, It was for the smart one at FORETECHITSOLUTIONS....SORRY!!!!!

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Re: Windows 7

02-01-2012 02:02 PM in reply to: fortechitsolutions

Thank you Tim for taking the time to give us comprehensive instructions for your solution to getting Quickcad working. It is an enhancement on my solution and will probably clear up some problems for some others here. My solution works fine on my W7 X64 computer but on another of our work W7 computors i used my solution on, it works but with some bugs; ie the annoying missing dll message. When I get to that computer I will try your "common files" dll folder solution.


To Mr J3r4c45 I agree with bmiller025, in message 21.

You may be making be some good points but this is not the forum to air them. 

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Re: Windows 7

02-01-2012 03:32 PM in reply to: louguy

Then don't read them. When you see contributor J3R4C45 skip to the next message. Autodesk is responsible for my very livelyhood. I started Autocad with DOS 3 on a 10 Mhz computer soon after the birth of the PC. I am very grateful to Autodesk for the utensils it has provided me but things have drastically changed. There have been many many watered down cad programs that were actually powerless until Quickcad. Then guess what..........Autodesk bought them out......hello. A good way to stay on top of things is to get feedback........a forum.  Autodesk; a being with nocturnal vision in a dark room of blind people looking for a black cat that's not there. By the time you bless us with a foolproof work around, the next wave will come. Windows 8 is due in the Fall of 2012.. You want to know why I read the forum every single time I get an Email...... maybe some beautiful people like yourself will come up with something to relieve my ignorance. I want a new computer too, but not without my beloved Quick-Cad.

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Re: Windows 7

02-02-2012 07:14 AM in reply to: louguy

I tried Tim's method. I guess I'm dumb. I still get the notice that I'm mssing acge15.dll. I still use the virtual XP, but that is a sloppy program. Black blocks show up. I ended up buying all new software of other programs that I use, but there is nothing to compare to my quickcad.

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Re: Windows 7 and QuickCAD

04-19-2012 11:36 AM in reply to: JTAndrews.

I am really glad to see that I am not the only one with this problem and that I'm not the only QuickCAD devotee. I'm a longtime user of QC and just got my Windows 7 Pro machine this week. QC is the only program I was not able to get loaded, and I loaded some old stuff on there. I tried Laurie's system but could not get past the DLL issue. When I'm at home this evening I'll post the final warning I couldn't get past, Laurie, maybe you can give me some insight on that? Next is Tim's proposal, I'll try that on the weekend and provide an up-date on that attempt. I am determined to get this working.

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