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Trying to install QuickCad 7 on a Windows7 PC

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03-30-2011 05:47 AM

I have transferred many QuickCad7 drawings to my new Windows7 computer (my WindowsXP machine died) but cannot seem to install QuickCad 7 onto this computer, so I cannot open those files.   QuickCad7 installed and ran fine under Windows XP.   How can I install and run QuickCad7 on my Windows 7 computer?    Alternatively, is there some other software I can purchase that will open those QuickCad7 (.CAD) files?

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Re: Trying to install QuickCad 7 on a Windows7 PC

03-11-2012 01:27 PM in reply to: jbwalters

I have used QuickCAD 7 since 1999, and love it. It ran wonderfully on XP and 2000, but my newest computer runs Vista. Like you, I was unable to install QCAD 7 on my Vista computer. I did some research and found that AutoSketch from AutoDesk is essentially QCAD with a different name. I found that AutoSketch 9 was available for about $30 so I purchased a copy and tried to install it on Vista, with no luck. AutoSketch 10 is supposed to run properly on Vista and Win7, but I cannot attest to whether or not that is correct.


I did find out, however, that AutoSketch 9 will directly open QCAD 7 files. AutoSketch 10 may not have that ability, but I found that AutoSketch 9 will also open a QCAD file by simply changing the file extension from CAD to SKF (which is the extension used by AutoSketch).  I suspect that AutoSketch 10 may have the same ability if it is unable to directly open a *.CAD file. Once I found this out, a simple batch file renamed all of my current drawings so that they now sport the new SKF extension and they all run fine this way in AutoSketch 9.


AutoSketch 10 sells for about $200 from various sources. My plan is to upgrade to AutoSketch 10 in the near future so that I can have it available on my Vista computer.


I am not trying to promote AutoSketch, but it is literally QuickCAD with a different name. It does have a few enhancements that I have found to be quite useful. I suspect that you may find this information useful.


Good luck!



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Re: Trying to install QuickCad 7 on a Windows7 PC

03-23-2012 10:52 AM in reply to: jbwalters


Thanks so much for the great tip as to how to recover my QuickCad7 files!!!!!   I will purchase Autosketch and give it a try.  

Jim Walters

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