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02-15-2000 11:46 PM in reply to: *ROBERT, LECHIEN
Harvey....Harvey.....Harvey.....you have missed the point...!!!

It is wrong to assume that Robert's consultants have the ability to export
their drawings as .DWF's....they may be using R12/R13 or even an earlier

And there is still no such thing as a "free" lunch..!!!


"Harvey Smith" wrote in message
> Agreed, Ric. That's innate with Whip!
> My point was that he can do all this business without spending any money
at all.
> Isn't that what Whip! is all about? As long as he has no need to edit,
then why
> buy and learn a CAD package? Kyew Eee Dee.
> Don't ya LOVE pedantic, condescending, holier-than-thou, self-righteous
> Get's the adrenalin pumping.
> H
> Ric Norris wrote:
> >
> > This is the original question:
> >
> > "My construction company has the need to print autocad files that come
> > from consultants that we work with. We do not need to do any real
> > drawings. Would Quickcad print autocad files? If so is there a limit on
> > size? We do not get into 3-d type drawings."
> >
> > The point being.....if Robert can be assured all the files he receives
> > in .DWF format, he should have no problems then. Also, AutoCAD releases
> > prior to R14/LT97 are unable to export files as .DWF's.
> >
> > Ric Norris.
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