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grouped objects on multiple layers problems

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02-07-2000 08:22 AM
Hi (again) everybody,

First off, thanks much to all for their help regarding my previous post.

Unfortunately I'm having another problem although this one seems more
like a bug.

I have some simple grouped objects. Each contains objects on one of two
layers. In this case one layer represents the object's outline on the
front of a panel and the other layer is for the object's outline on the
rear of the panel (these are potentiometers, switches, jacks, etc). I
thought I could hide either layer and see either front or back side
views (I've used this technique before with other CAD packages).

Anyway, when I hide one layer or the other, the objects from a
particular group don't necessarily show up anymore. Some groups
"flipped" their view properly while others appeared to not have any
objects on the displayed layer. At first I thought I'd not properly
specified which layer the objects should be on (though their color was
correct and specified "by-layer"). I checked the properties of the
objects within the suspect groups and found they are listed as being on
the correct layer. In one case, just after checking, objects on that
layer began showing up properly. In another case one object that was
displaying properly then quit doing so. Specifying one layer as
background (gray) made it seem as if some objects (though assigned to
that layer) were actually assigned to a "phantom" layer. There are only
two layers in the drawing so I couldn't accidentally have something
assigned to some random layer (though that's kind of how it acts).

I hope this explanation makes some sense. Any input on this issue would
be greatly appreciated!

Oh, one other question: Am I correct in thinking that symbols to not
retain layer information... in that they cannot have objects within them
that exist on multiple layers?

Thanks again for any input,

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