*Clark, Christopher
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Drafix cad Ultra

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03-17-2000 06:05 AM
Can Quickcad load Drafix Ultra files? I have older
drawings that

I would like to convert to DXF. Ultra will not run
on my newer PC.

Is there a program for DWG->DXF somewhere on the


Thanks in advance.
*Maugeri, Ralph
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Re: Drafix cad Ultra

03-20-2000 06:59 AM in reply to: *Clark, Christopher
I'm new here, but your question remains unanswered, sooo....
I haven't tried to bring ultra drawing to Qcad. But you may have to
bring them into drafix cad and then into Q-cad.
Bringing them into D-cad was messy. Have you tried going to dos and
running ultra, or are you running 2000?
Have fun.
Ralph Maugeri
Creative Arch. Designs.
*Clark, Christopher
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03-30-2000 10:45 AM in reply to: *Clark, Christopher
Thanks for the Help. I managed to run ultra in a DOS window (W98) by
a video driver. ( old ones were HALO drivers). Anyways, I could see only 1/4
of the screen
and ran my commands via the keyboard.

From AutoCAD LT98. Do a file recover, type *.DXF.

This worked well and preserved all the SYMBOLS/BLOCKS.
After, Just do a save as...
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Re: Drafix cad conversion

05-08-2012 05:44 PM in reply to: *Clark, Christopher



I have hundreds of drawings on old Drafix from the 80s.  

It is based on Halo and runs only on DOS.  

I can run it in the DOS shell of Windows XP, but it expects to output to LPT1 or a Com port.  

And it has a limited list of printers it can drive including HP Inkjet and "Inkjet+ /2"  

The HP672C I relied on is now a coffee grinder that I probably can't get repaired or replaced.  

Only their lasers have parallel ports.


Any ideas?  

Centronics to USB conversion to recent HP Inkjet?

Method transferring/converting .dfx files to another format?





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Getting old Drafix files

05-08-2012 05:47 PM in reply to: *Clark, Christopher

Saw your post.

Have classic Drafix from the 80s and hundreds of files for it and the HP672C on which I relied is grinding coffee.

Drafix wants to use LPT1 or a COM port and drive an HP Inkjet or similar old device

Can I take .dfx files and convert them to/in a program I have more printing options on?



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