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Default text and marker size-Quickcad 8

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09-28-2007 09:15 AM
I am having trouble trying to create a default text height of .25" and a default marker size of .125" x .125"

I am using 1" to 1" scale on all my drawings and I create templates for most of my common task.

One day I add text to a drawing and it is 1" tall, the next day on another drawing it's 18" tall.

Even changing all the text to .25" tall and then creating a template from that drawing doesn't change the text height. It still is 18" tall.

The same with markers, I want to set them to .125" x .125". One day they create at 1" tall, right now I am getting 95" tall markers.

Where the heck is the default text size and marker size set in QC8?
I need a default of .25" text and .125" markers.

Thanks in advance.
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