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3 point arc question

04-14-2000 01:12 PM in reply to: *Cullen, Dave
There are several ways to do the ends of the slot. The best (if
there is best) depends on what you already have.

Assume you have an arc that represents the center of the slot and
the ends are the maximum extent of the arc. I might use the
following steps:

Select the delta tool, type in W/2 Enter (where W is the width of
the slot)
Click on each side of the center line to draw the inside and
outside of the slot.
Select one of the line tools and close each end of the slot with
a straight line.
Select the Trim Round tool and type in W/2 Enter in the radius
Zoom in on the ends and trim.

If the ends of the center line represent the center of the
closing half round and not the maximum, I would, after the first
two steps;
Select the Two points and Angle Arc tool. The default angle is
180, if not set it to 180.
Click on the slot ends to draw the half circle (CNTRL flips the
arc 180).


Dave Cullen wrote in message
> Harvey Smith wrote:
> >
> > Nope, that doesn't do it. I think you may have to mirror a
CCW arc.
> I guess.
> > As a suggestion, why not place that part of your file in CF,
reference it here
> The concept is simple enough to describe: Consider a belt
tensioner - a
> bracket with a pulley in the middle. The bracket pivots on a
shaft at
> one end, the other end has a slotted hole that would be used
for an
> adjustment bolt.
> I'm trying to draw the slotted hole. Its centerline would be an
arc that
> is a fixed radius from the pivot point.
> The 2-points-and-center-with-ctrl-key method works OK... it's
just a
> bummer that you can only go ccw with it.
> Another challenge with this is drawing the rounded ends of the
slot: two
> half-circles connected by arcs. I can do it on paper with a
> easily :-P
> drc
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