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Wall Stud Height Count/Height

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05-14-2013 11:48 PM

I have multiple wall heights on a floor and rather than sort using the properties palette and assign the items to different assemblies, I rather have quanity 1 = a stud count and then quanity 2 = Stud Height.  The reason is I really don't want to deal with having wall assemblies for a particular wall AND particular height...



i have a Wall Style 2x6 Wall with 1/2 Drywall Both Sides...  Within CAD the walls do have a varying height (8', 9' and then a balloon framed wall that's 12' height at the peak).


I basically created a 2x4 Stud Material as a count and then for Quantity 2 I put a formula in for 'Object.Height'-.375

the -.375 was just taking 4 1/2" away from the total wall height to get my stud cut...


Obviously when I have multiple walls it just adds up all the wall heights together so yeah, didn't work.


If anyone has a trick or knows the correct way to accomplishing this would be huge.  I do have subscription but questions there don't really get anywhere...



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