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QTO 2013-Performance issues

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12-13-2012 10:01 AM



I am currently using QTO 2013 to perform take offs mostly from PDF's but also CAD and Revit files. I have been using this software for a couple projects now. Is anyone else constantly running into performance bugs with this software? I will provide several examples for weird random things that happen while trying to use this program. One thing that occurs is with the backout function. On the same sheet I will be able to back out window openings on a facade but under the same category and on the same sheet just a different facade of the building will not be able to create a backout area. It seems to be random with when it happens one sheet works fine while others not so much, why would this happen? I have tried several ways to try and resolve this but nothing works, very frustrating. Another weird thing I have noticed is that when you try to undo an area that you just backed out the entire shaded area disappears as if it was never there but the quantity remains!?!? And since there is nothing to select to try and clear the slate on the quantities the only way I have found to resolve this to delete the category and re create it. Why does the undo function create this condition? I have also had issues with scales changing/not saving. These have been three of the most frustrating issues I have with this software, I will probably move on to something new and more reliable but was wondering if anyone else has any of these problems or have noticed how buggy QTO seems to be? Also if anyone has suggestions as to their favorite take off software please share. 

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Re: QTO 2013-Performance issues

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We have encountered many "bugs"  in QTO, to the point we are unable to use the software.  I am curious to see if you are still trying to use QTO.  


We experience crashes within QTO that also corrupts our data file, resulting in the loss of many days worth of work.  Many times we have had to restore the previous days' backup files.  In order to combat that, we resorted to saving the file, and then doing a save as and renaming the file with a suffix, ie, 001, 002, 003......


For now, no one wants to use QTO because it is so buggy.  


Lew Heifner

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Re: QTO 2013-Performance issues

02-14-2013 06:24 AM in reply to: lheifner

It is not our main tool to for quantity take-offs fortunately. I personally have found that it has so many bugs,inefficiencies, and ease of use issues that I would prefer not to use it. The time it took me to create a take off was much much longer than if i had done the qto by hand. This mainly was because I continuously lost my data, the program crashed constantly, and I had to catagorize the model by hand because many parts are not modeled exactly correct (Ex. Footings were modeled as " Stacked walls". I can only hope that Autodesk puts some time and money into this software to drastically fix what it is lacking.

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Re: QTO 2013-Performance issues

02-14-2013 08:24 AM in reply to: sta

Thanks for the Reply...


We have been attempting to use it as a direct replacement for a competing product.  The thought was since we receive Revit Models on a regular basis, it would be nice to be trained in QTO to directly import data from models as well as use the 2d PDF features.  


Unfortunately, QTO has proven to be useless thus far.  We have been in contact with our VAR and Autodesk about the issue and answers have been slow to non existent.  I am curious if anyone else was having success using QTO.  Those that are using in seem to accept the crashes and data file corruption as "Normal" and have come up with "Fizbin" work-arounds....

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Re: QTO 2013-Performance issues

02-15-2013 09:08 PM in reply to: lheifner

What are your system specifications?  I do have a fatal error once and a great while trying to push the station to hard but for the most part, its pretty good.  I came from XP64 operating system and when I was using that it was a mess...  now its like night and day...


My workstation that I use QTO on (Below) isn't "stock" from dell but I upgraded the majority of components within rather than buy a new workstation (computer is around 4 years old)...




Windows 7 64 Bit

Dell Precision T3400

2.33GHZ Dual Processor

1TB 7200rpm Sata Drive

Nvidia Quadro 600 Graphics Card

8GB Unbuffered Ram

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Re: QTO 2013-Performance issues

03-22-2013 12:04 PM in reply to: JJKennedy03

We are using 64bit computers with dual core processers.  My computer is the "knob and tuber" (Read Oldest) with 4 gb ram.  Plenty of power / memory / speed to run a graphics intense earthwork software package.  


The other 5 computers are less than a year old, 8 to 16 gb ram, dual core, etc.  One has Revit installed on it and runs that application fine.  QTO should be less demanding.  


We are conducting experiments now to see if the network is causing problems with the data flow.  If there is a delay or too many packet collisions, does this corrupt the file?  Who knows.  In order to test this, I have been running the data files local as opposed to the network.  


In my opinion, the software should be able to handle network traffic if it is marketed as such.  We have network licenses, so we can install QTO on more machines than we have licenses for, but the network only allows as many concurrent users as licenses.  Anyway, I only know enough about networks to be dangerous.  I'd just like QTO to work as advertised.  


Lew Heifner



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