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Exporting from Revit Difficulties

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10-09-2012 07:56 AM

I can not follow the steps online to export a model and drawings for QTO. I get the export set up "Alls sheets and all models " and the DWF ready to go, when I click save it doesn't do anything. After trial and error I have discovered it  must be because the files are too big, however now I have to select very small sections completely individually such as  one 3 d model at a time, only the elevations, only the sections and only the sheets inorder for them to export. This creates quite the task trying to export the model. Any suggestions? I think I have tried everything. Also I am concerned about the model talking to the sheets when imported late especially since  they are produced as seperate files.

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Re: Exporting from Revit Difficulties

10-09-2012 08:00 AM in reply to: sta

Side note I also have multiple models linked together, what is the best strategy to export them? Individually? Linked together?

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Re: Exporting from Revit Difficulties

10-12-2012 11:28 AM in reply to: sta

Dear sta

If you export the sheets and 3D Views as separate DWF files, when you run a model takeoff on a 3D view, it should markup/cross-reference the objects in the sheets if those elements are present in the 3D model. 

Those other sheets/models must be imported in the project at the time you run the model takeoff. If you import a sheet later on, the takeoff won’t show up.  You’d need to delete and re-run the model takeoff to get it in.

Also, in order for those elements in the sheets to be created as takeoff, they must be present in the 3D view.  For example, if you had a 3D view that had a specific wall that had its visibility off, if you ran a model takeoff on that 3D view, the takeoff object for the wall would not be created, nor marked up in any of the other sheets 3D models where it does exist.

With regard to linked files, you can export with your links loaded and run model takeoff.  The takeoff from the links will be under the group with the description "RVT Links" in the takeoff palette.

The suggestion that I have is that as you are running into issues exporting to a DWF from Revit due to the complexity of the model, this may carry over into QTO as it is a 32 bit application that cannot make use of the extra memory on a 64-bit machine.  Therefore, I would suggest breaking the project up either by area or system or both and complete takeoff on those areas/systems one at a time as described in the help topics here:


Otherwise, you may run into memory issues if the Revit Project is very complex.

Best regards

John Lipp
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