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SDK parameter block : How to do a fileName + fileOpen Button combo

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08-15-2013 02:58 PM

I am having trouble understanding how to do parameters properly : There seems to be no documented way of setting variables in the string table, or how to set up .rc files. I have a plugin where the user can select the file he wants to open. So far I have a hacky fileName string edit box running for that. I would like to have a string edit box + file open button combo to work so that the user can browse the file from that button, or if he wants, just set the file name directly from max script. A similar save button would also be desired at some point. But my guess is that it is pretty close in implementation to the open combo. I have also attached an image depicting what I need.


My current implementation looks like this :

cacheReader_fileName,         _T("fileName"),         TYPE_FILENAME,     P_ANIMATABLE,     IDS_FILENAME,
        //Zero or more optional tags
        p_default,         "",
        p_ui,             TYPE_EDITBOX,        IDC_FILENAME,

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Re: SDK parameter block : How to do a fileName + fileOpen Button combo

08-31-2013 02:35 PM in reply to: hb299
i am sure there exists an example in the sdk.. make an edit field with pblock and a simple windows std button. assign the string to the edit field from the fileopen dialog with pblock->setvalue()
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