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by tryan on ‎09-28-2014 03:57 PM

Being a first timer I just wanted to run a new idea past everyone. I was really hoping to buy Sketchbook Designer 2015 because of it's neat vector qualities.

However, it looks like it's really not available now unless you buy a particular design suite at great cost.


I was wondering if Autodesk has ever considered creating a totally new stand alone low cost vector software program for the general artist, school student, product designer, graphic/tattoo artist, car artist and custom wheel designer etc.etc? It would like just adding the same full Sketchbook Designer vector capabilities to the Sketchbook Pro 7 software. Autodesk may be able te sell millions of these worldwide.


Some other possible options could also be as follows:


1) Extra large colors palette and textures palette much like Photoshop/Illustrator


2) A 360 degree light source to create shadows and chrome like reflections etc. from any angle


3) Extrude tool for graphics and lettering styles etc.


I may have gone a little overboard in my suggestions, but you never know, right! With people like Scott Robertson and other great artists around, everyone may be able to put their heads together and create one neat low cost vector software package for the masses.




Tom Ryan


P.S. As stated above you could probably call it the SKETCHBOOK PRO VECTOR.


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Buy a 1.5 Suite

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor djovica30 on ‎12-15-2013 04:56 PM

Why don't you sell a 1.5 Suite, where customers can buy a 1.5 Suite and use two suite products simulataneously? i.e. One guy using inventor, one guy using showcase, 3ds Max or sketchbook designer or AutoCAD, etc.. but you can't use two instances of the same product.


Many of my clients want to be able to use a second program in the suite for short term stints like marketing doing visuals or the product development manager using sketchbook, etc. and it's notthe engineer who wants to use it.


Sell it as a SLM or NLM, charge 50% more on the licence and on the subs. It's one 360 account.

If they need another user, (e.g. one uses Inventor, one uses AutoCAD, one uses Sketchbook), then they can pay another 50%, an add-on to the 1.5 and make it a 2.0, 2.5, etc. but if they need two seats of Inventor, they buy two PrDS suites.


That way you're actually getting the suite to do what it was intended to do, growing the pool of licences and integrating it better in the workplace. In its current form its only being used by the designers or engineers who are too busy doing their work and are not utilising the suite to it's full potential. The engineer has enough work on his plate than to also learn 3ds Max when there's a guy in marketing already that knows how to use it.


Clients don't see the value of buying 2 PrDS' when the second user is only using it for Sketchbook or knocking up a quick AutoCAD drawing or doing a minor edit.


Instead of someone buying PrDS and then AutoCAD Electrical becuase they can't afford 2x rPDS-P's, they can buy a PrDS-P 1.5 and have both mech and elec guys working inconjunction and both enjoy the benefits of the suite too.

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Point Cloud Data

Status: New Idea
by tom.mcnulty on ‎06-27-2014 05:59 AM

The majority of my work involves the registration, analysis, manipulation and tracing of point cloud data (PCD). Below is a list of problems I face with PCD in the Product Design Suite (PDS) and features of other software packages that I find useful and would like to see included in Autodesk products.


I have seen some improvements with the handling of PCD within the PDS in the last couple of years however it does not cater for all of my PCD needs and as a result my workflow is still very disjointed with a wide range of software packages including: Faro Scene, Bentely Pointools, Pointools 4 Rhino, Recap and Inventor. I would love to solely use Autodesk products but they don't cut it at the moment.


I use Faro Scene for registration; I am aware that Recap Pro for an additional £3k plus cost per year. If it included additional features such as point cloud selection and RGB editing (painting tools) then I may be able to justify this expenditure as it would remove my requirment for Bentley Pointools which is fantastic for this and for creating animations. The RGB editing is a necessity for me as I often have to refine data prior to creating animations and simply deleting out people and objects just leaves big holes. 


One thing Recap does very well is handle the PCD. The scans can be navigated through with ease, rotating views etc is very smooth. Once the same scans are opened in Inventor things start to slow down. I have a 24gb computer with a decent graphics card which runs PCD in other packages seemlessly however once more than two or three scans are imported into Inventor it really struggles with rotating the data. Also taking sections of the data is quite a laborious process; I find Pointools 4 Rhino much more user friendly as it handles the PCD well and section lines can be dragged through the data. The addition of section lines in Inventor would be fantastic.



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we use VaultPro 2014 and we still have the issue, that only in the Vaultbrowser the fields from Vault are available to show (like eg. description or materialnumber).

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2014 - [SCE10122103.png



In the Modelbrowser it is not available (look at the lower screenshot). I miss these functions in the vault browser!

Marking Menu_2013-07-01_12-01-06.png


My idea is to merge this to browsers together, so you do not need to change every time between these two.

Or to make all features available in Vault browser

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Upgrading to the latest version

Status: New Idea
by itravers on ‎08-28-2013 01:07 AM

Hi All,


I have being installing upgrades of these product suites for a few years now. The last couple of years, the amount of software that has to get uninstalled before you install the latest version is getting very time consuming. I only have 6 machines to look after and I fit it in around my actual engineering role.


I would find it really useful if on the next version, there were a tick box on the setup menu that said 'automatically uninstall previous version'.


That way I could set it off in the evening, let it run overnight to remove the old software and install the new software, come in in the morning to a rebooted machine ready to go  - all without the need for user interaction. It would be even better if I could configure the template paths as part of the setup, then it really would be ready to go, just link it to the vault and the user is away.


Anyway, it's just a thought. :smileyhappy:

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Yup, make it known it's me again. I've come across a new idea for working in tight spaces on a model. I think it would be a good idea to work around a model with a new viewport system or view mode. What if you could place a sphere in your scene that's around a tight place on a model and use that sphere as a fixed camera to look around, pan, or zoom. In addition, it would be a great idea to make the sphere move around freely, maybe move freely but fixed on the targeted space, or even have the ability to shrink and mover freely. This idea is similar of that of 343 guilty spark within Halo 3's level editor. I think this viewport mode would be a great idea for the user when working on a model in a tight or cramped space. 


I personally like the shrink idea very much, if the viewport had a shrink view option to navigate through complex and very tight space around models, I think this would make a huge difference (be sure to let the user know they've shrunk the viewport and they're not scaling the object). 

The situation I came across that made me need this feature was when I was working on a vehicle with multiple engine parts. I tried to connect different hoses within an engine and noticed that I didn't want to scale the model because of all the other smaller models/engine parts; therefore, I came up with the idea to shrink the camera. I think the ability to shrink the camera or even navigating through 3D space with the walkthrough viewport navigator would be an amazingly useful idea. 

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Hello, it's me Stanley once more. I had another interesting idea that would be very useful. It would be great if you could select and align vertices, edges and polys with other vertices, edges, and polys on a fixed axis. For example, the user selects a vertex, edge, or poly and selects the vertex, edge or poly he or she wants to align it with on a fixed axis. The function automatically aligns either using the viewport’s axis or the user can choose which axis, maybe on a menu, they want to use to align the vertex, edge, or poly with. 

Another example can be selecting a poly and selecting another poly above it in which you want to align it with. Using the top viewport, you select the function and the poly automatically aligns directly above the previously selected poly. 


Adding more detail into perspective, I've included two images attached to this post. What if you were working on a 3D model and you had a situation where it looked like the "before" image attached to this post. Notice all the vertices are out of place. Wouldn't it be great to have a function where all your vertices automatically align like in the "after" image also attached to this post? I'm sure many people would benefit having this function by saving time and energy not having to move ever individual vertex. 


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It's me Stanley again. I came up with an idea that skips the rigging process. What if 3ds Max's development team created a feature that autorigs a character or object automatically. For example, what if you select different polygons or elements from a character or object and assign them a specific body-part type or robotic movement type. Maybe make a node editor to create a skeletal hierarchy with a variety of properties. Then maybe have a button that can assign a helper to a specific note to help control that specific body-part or mechanical movement. Perhaps we could even step further and add physics to each node and simulate actual movement such as muscle density, fat, object weight or friction. In addition, we can also make this "auto rigging" node feature a drag and drop to multiple objects in a scene. That’s my autorig idea, I think it would be a unique idea for 3ds Max.

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3ds Max Simplified Skinning Request

Status: New Idea
by js103036 on ‎11-17-2014 03:01 PM

Hello, my name is Stanley Janoski. I’ve been using 3Ds Max since 2008. Since then, 3Ds Max has come a long way.  However, even though everything gets better, rigging is still way to tedious, difficult and complex. I usually make models and character for games, often I do the rigging and animation; however, to me, my students and my professors in college, it’s still way to complex and difficult. When it comes to rigging in production, I usually pass it to teammate who rigs everything in Maya. I was wondering if you could remake the Skin modifier to make it more simplified and easier to work in. For example, it would be great if you could: select “ring”, “loop”, “extend” or “contract” weight verts and “hide” or “unhide” polys while working with weights. Perhaps it would be a good idea to create a new modifier that can substitute the skin modifier. In addition, maybe allow a function to where you can use detached geometry or set a different smooth group ID, or instance ID and use that as a selection for weights in the skin modifyer. I’m sure by doing this; the rigging process will be much easier and time-friendly. I think there are a lot more people like me that also find the rigging process, especially using the skin modifier, very difficult, tedious, and not-time friendly; doing this will help sell your product and make users more satisfied and excited using 3DsMax as their rigging and animation software of choice. Thank you.  

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THANKS FOR THE NEW VERSION OF MAYA2015,but this little someguy has one little suggestion for my favorite software if you allowed. For the first time I open the 2015,I found many amazing function and some trouble .So ,the most important is the position of the keep faces together,When I use the LOW version of maya ,JUST ONE CLICK Icould activate this option and use it very convenient。BUT now I need open the preferences and select modeling part AND activate this option AND click the SAVE,when I want cancle this function ,you know I must do the same way once more.

THE secend  suggestion for MAYA is the opration to delet the face or eadg when use the modeling toolkit ,I still remember the 2014 just use one hotkey I could delet IT ,but now I NEED  use shift and ctrl in the same time ,it make the procese of topo modle not very SOFT,but it is not the big problem. english read not smoothly, I use the web translate try to make it could be understand but I don't know IF it worked......  

All the  best with your work and expect for new update 

THX for read :-)

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Civil3D Drawing Settings Snapshot

Status: New Idea
by aleepierce on ‎09-26-2014 11:47 AM

I would like to see the ability to save a "snapshot" of the drawing settings in my template, much the way that layer states save the settings for my layers. Specifically, the command settings for each object, and default layers for objects. When I am working in a survey master file, I need things to use styles and layers for existing. When I am working in a design file, I have to go change all of those things, or create a second template for that purpose. This runs into the problem of having to keep multiple templates up to date. Not to mention various utility plans, where the layers and styles change yet again. If I could switch "toolspace" to a different set of items and save that, I think it would be a tremendous boost to my workflow.

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Its time to change how AutoCAD starts up

Status: New Idea
by Mentor on ‎09-14-2014 05:05 AM

Instead of AutoCAD starting a new drawing on startup (Drawing1) why not switch that to the New Tab? Honestly, I would venture to guess that 90% of AutoCAD users are not starting a new drawing every time they open it. They are working on whatever drawing they were on the day before. Yes I know we can avoid this by setting STARTUP to 1 but don't you think its time for that to be the default setting instead of 0?? Its also time to change that startup window. The New Tab is great, just have startup pull that up now. Everything that old startup window has is in the New Tab. Start new drawing, open a drawing, recent drawings...the time has come to change the way AutoCAD starts up!

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I really do like the new system that shows what is new inside MAYA.  I like the idea when reading manual that seatlhes what have been updade and what is new inside of the context. However I think that you guys could improve the left INDEX bar (list of topics). You guys could put flag of what is new and what is updated straight on left menu(like a flag) or a sign color. Just by the right side of the word in the menu.

Therefore advanced users would not have to dig deeply in everysingle part of the documentation and find out, what have been updated and what is new.


Would be a great improvement to our documentation(manual) and I believe that is very easy to implement.


Thanks for give us the oportunity to post ideas and possible improvements.

Cleber Coutinho

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I would like to see within an assembly the possibility to expand only selected parts to make workplanes and axis visible.

Now I can only choose between expand or collapse all children.

If I want to constrain a bolt or pin for example, I can place it with an insert constrain.

But then it's still able to turn around 1 axis. Then you add an angle constraint to fix the rotation, and the part is fully constraint.

But to do this you have to expand each part instance individually, add a constraint and collapse it again. It takes a lot of mouse-clicks.

If I can select all these parts and had a button "expand selected children" it would save a lot of work.

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Undo Event

Status: New Idea
by odk4548 on ‎08-21-2014 12:09 PM

You should be able to select an area and undo only in the area selected.

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2d adaptive component functionality

Status: New Idea
by wruffenach on ‎08-19-2014 11:56 AM

When will there be some Adaptive Component functionality for 2d families in Revit? Being able to build "Detail Items" adaptive component families with point snapping and repeat devide symbolic lines, would be extremely useful functionality!!!

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Revit Mep

Status: New Idea
by chris.jones on ‎07-17-2014 10:38 PM

Have the ability to split ductwork into multiple lengths in Revit MEP, just like Autocad MEP.


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Vault family

Status: New Idea
by bendesign04 on ‎12-31-2013 05:57 PM

I would like to see the traditionally vault family of pay for products in the suites so vault pro in the ultimate suite, vault collaboration in the premium suite and vault work group in standard.

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When I export a curves dwg from sketchbook to Inventor, striaght lines have 3 curve points, so to add dimensions and getting the concept to the engineering phase is time consuming and it's easier just to redraw the thing.


I have grips set to zero, so it should just export as one straight line.

If I export a square with fillets, it exports it as like 15 entities or something silly, when it should only be a simple export.


Another thing is that when I export, iI don't have the ability to delet the fillets and insert a new fillet, so the flexibility isn't there.


If I'm doing something wrong please let me know, because the sales videos show importing the sketch and doing an extrude without doing any constraints or dimensions, which is not practical.

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Revit for Product Desgn Suite

Status: New Idea
by Contributor Hyncharas on ‎07-29-2013 08:14 AM

I know it sounds odd, but suppose you are designing a new product for a business, and you don't have Building/Factory Design Suite.  Without it you can't import the model into a simulated environment, unless you use simply 3ds Max or Maya.


Traditionally I use LumenRT 4 Studio by E-On Software to demonstrate how a product may benefit a workplace, or work in conjunction with another product.  This incorporates a Revit plug-in so I can just drop the object into a 3d visualisation...


It would be great if Revit or a new, limited scope of the software was part of PDS.

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