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Printing and Plotting

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Publish vs Plot - image shifts, border cut off

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08-13-2012 04:41 PM

I have found that when I Publish, the drawing comes out shifted about 1/8" down and 1/8" left as compared to when I use Plot. Which of course is just enough to cut off the sheet border which is 1/2" from the paper edge. I am using the same Page Setup for both Publish and Plot, same drawing.


This is to an Oce TDS600, and it only happens with 15x21 paper size. All paper sizes are set to 0" border. Probably an Oce issue, but have any of you seen this before?



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Re: Publish vs Plot - image shifts, border cut off

09-13-2012 07:36 AM in reply to: bruceclement

I am having much bigger shift/orientation issues with an Oce 860 and a KIP 3000 using the PostScript drivers.  I believe it is an AutoCAD problem because EVERY OTHER application that prints to these DOES NOT have the problem.  I have plotted to a file then opened the PS file using GSVIew so I can see the output without printing to paper.  The problem is definitely in the PostScript output.

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