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Re: Printer function hangs up

05-18-2012 10:56 AM in reply to: markcherv


I've been getting an identical error message, although for me printing is quite quick once I get everything arranged.


Using AutoCAD 2010 (and later an install of 2011 w/ same results) on Windows XP, my goal is to be able to just hit PLOT and Enter and watch the thing print of my specifications. I get the OP's message and it then resets all my printer settings back to None, and while I can create a pc3 file, it never, ever selects the pc3 file as default. And also gives me that error message occasionally just so I know who's boss.

Obviously I have the drivers because I've been printing, how do i convince AutoCAD of this?

(Should i start a new thread for this? I figured since i get exactly the same error message I should post on here, unless that's just some blanket error message for when AutoCAD has decided it's having an off day).



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Re: Printer function hangs up

05-19-2012 05:52 PM in reply to: awashbern

Hi awashbern,


Please do start a new thread for this since you are using Windows and this thread is dealing with the Mac OS.

Bryce Thelin
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