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Printing and Plotting

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Plotter prints dwg's sideways...wastes paper!!

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10-24-2012 12:31 PM

Hello everyone,


I'm not quite sure how to word this so I made an attempt at drawing out what I'm trying to say in MSPaint, (Bear with me!) At my office we use an HP Designjet 800ps to plot our drawings, most everyone uses AutoCAD 2010-2011 and I use AutoCAD LT 2010. All of our drawings are ANSI C size (17"x22") and we use paper rolls that are 24" wide x 150' long. For some reason our plotter always prints our drawings sideways causing us (read 'me, the assistant') to have to trim the excess off of every single print. Not only is this time consuming but it is a huge waste of paper! If I can get it to rotate we will get 19 MORE plots out of every roll of paper!!!

I was wondering if there is some way to change settings somewhere so that our drawings are printed the correct way, saving me lots of time and saving our company lots of paper? Is it normal to plot this way? Does anyone else experience this?Plotter Printing Sideways.jpg

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Re: Plotter prints dwg's sideways...wastes paper!!

10-25-2012 05:04 AM in reply to: SamBuckOIT

Most older HP Windows plotter drivers have an "autorotate" setting to turn on to avoid that problem: some even have it as a setting on the plotter itself. If you all use PC3 files to manage the drivers, you may be forced to recreate them.


Change, test, retest, then start implementing as needed.

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