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Printing and Plotting

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Plot settings not working

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06-24-2014 09:01 AM

We are currently using AutoCAD 2012.  We have all our drawings set up to print unsing limits.  The plot offsets are set with X being .7, Y being.3 and Z being 0.  Our scale is set to 2.188.  Recenlty one of our users started having printing problems.  If any of the other CAD operators pull up the drawing it prints fine, but if this one person pulls up the drawing it reverses the offsets and makes X .3 and Y .7.  Even reversing the offets does no good.  The plot preview will still show the drawing shifted and cut off.  The only way for him to print the drawing is to print using the windows feature or changing the offsets to negative numbers.  Any ideas as to what has happened to the AutoCAD settings on this machine?




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Re: Plot settings not working

06-25-2014 06:10 AM in reply to: Vachoen
Different driver at this one workstation perhaps, if there are no items/blocks floating oustide the LIMITS you think you are plotting to (that can be a troublesome choice BTW): something is different, dig deeper than just pulling up PLOT command and looking at the preview.
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