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Page setups for multiple printers

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05-08-2012 03:29 PM

There are a bazillion hits when I search on Page Setups. Could someone recommend a good guide on how to create page setups for multiple printers in a network environment?


Here is the problem:


We have 2 offices with 3-7 printers per office and each printer with different capabilities (black and white, color, 11x17, wide format, etc.). I have CAD users who know little about setting up layouts so I want to create preconfigured layouts that they can import from a template via Design Center or other means.


I know I could set up a layout for each printer, page size, plot scale, and plot style table, but that gets to be so many layout permutations that it becomes overwhelming to manage and use. Up until now I had set up PC3 files for a few commonly used printers (wide format plotter, laser, pdf) and gave them generic names with the intent that I could simply direct the output to any printer by assigning it to one of the generic PC3 files. The problem I've encountered is that over time we've acquired new printers and old printers sometimes go offline or out of service and many of the printers have incompatible printable areas and page sizes to each other, so for example a page setup that calls for an 11x17 sheet for one printer does not have an equivalent size when a different printer is assigned to the layout.


Are we stuck with having to configure setups for each and every printer and permutation? I'm sure there have been many discussions about this so I would appreciate directions/recommendations to such.

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Re: Page setups for multiple printers

05-08-2012 03:36 PM in reply to: Neilw

You use the printer with the largest margins as the guide to set up each sheet size/pagersetup you wish to use across all of your printers. That sets the location and size of titleblocks for every sheet size, all you need.


99% of the time you will find that PDF drivers, including the one in AutoCAd, to have the widest margins of them all.


There is no cure for a missing page size, you'll have to figure that one out the hard way I guess if you can't train your users to know that printer A can do 11x17, Printer B cannot, and Printer D is a plotter that can do all sizes up to YYYxZZZ sheet size.

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