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Printing and Plotting

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New Large Format Printer

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08-03-2012 04:48 AM

Hi All,


My company will be getting a new large format printer to replace the current one we have. We don't have room enough to have both running at the same time so i'm imagining one-day down then viola, we have a new printer.


Do you have any suggestions on how i can prepare for this as far as creating the necessary Plot Styles, pc3, pmp...files? Because i have many items on my to-do list, this could take a day or two with all the testing and i can't image the uproar from our CADers about going without a plotter for two or three days.


Any suggestions will be appreciated.



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Re: New Large Format Printer

08-21-2012 11:02 AM in reply to: sbrusco

1. Decide what IP address you will assign to the new printer.

2. Create local port for that IP

3. Download and install the driver for the new printer. Do the manual setup so the install does not have to detect the printer.

4. Create PC3 files within AutoCAD for your various print qualities, paper sizes, roll sources, etc.

5. Receive and setup new printer

6. Test.

7. Pretend you're a duck and let any criticism roll of your back.



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