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Large Format PostScript Origin/Rotation Problems

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09-13-2012 08:09 AM

I have had problems printing large format drawings to a KIP 3000 and an Oce 860 using PostScript drivers .  Occasionally, a drawing will seem to lose its mind and experience an origin shift and/or rotation problem.  The net result is a drawing that is shifted on the page - even a blank page - to the point where it is unusable.  In EVERY case, the plot preview shows an absolutely normal and expected result.  This doesn't happen with PostScript drivers for smaller printers AND it doesn't happen with ANY OTHER application than AutoCAD trying to print to those devices.  This includes other Autodesk products like Inventor.  Sometimes, the problem can be fixed by a copy/paste of everything from the problem drawing into a new drawing started without a template.  The two printers are at different companies with no shared drawings, different versions of AutoCAD (2009/2011), different computers, different operating systems (XP Media Center 32-bit/ Win7 64-bit).  I have plotted to a file and used GSView to look at the PostScript in the files and the results on the screen are the same as the results on paper (not good).  I'm looking less for an answer than just learning if anybody else has seen this.  If you have either of these plotters, can I post a drawing to see if you experience the same thing?

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Re: Large Format PostScript Origin/Rotation Problems

09-27-2012 11:05 AM in reply to: cascadtx

I would suggest trying a plot file.... or converting your pdf to a jpeg or tiff file and send it not scaled.  Unless you have some oce prioprietary software they are a pain in the woohooo to deal with post script.  We use print exec lt but it's super limited and the controller HATES pdf files even with the post script enabled.


If you make a plot file or convert to a tiff file you can send to the printer using goverts goplot and a simple printer thats shared on the server :smileyhappy:

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Re: Large Format PostScript Origin/Rotation Problems

09-27-2012 12:57 PM in reply to: cascadtx

Since pasting into another presumably empty or clean template file fixes the problem, I would say the issue is a setting in the problem file and not much else.

Could be a simple thing like an incorrectly selected pagesetup, or referenced pmp or pc3 file, or more dramatic like the wrong layout settings. hard to tell without a DWG file.

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Re: Large Format PostScript Origin/Rotation Problems

09-27-2012 05:10 PM in reply to: cascadtx

Again, I'm primarily looking for others who have experienced this problem or who have one of these plotters and would be willing to get a drawing from me to try.

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