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How to adjust the greyscale in a 3D model plot

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09-28-2011 03:45 AM

I need to plot a drawing with a few plans, which are in 2D but also a 3D model of the intire installation and a few side views, which are side views of the 3D model.

When I plot the drawing I am able to get the side views in black and white by taking the following steps:

(i got these steps from this post: )


- set the visual style (in model space) to hidden or wireframe.

- in the layout you select a viewport that conntains a 3D visualisation and double click in that window to set the visual style to 2D wireframe and also set the viewports shade plot to hidden.


because the plotter is black and white only I see those side views in different shades of grey but the problem is that the

difference in grey isn't clear enough (and yellow pipes are hardly visible) and I can't adjust these. When adjusting the .ctb it only affects the 2D views and not the 3D views.

It is possible to change the greyness by changing the color of the diffent pipes that are in the drawing but this is not a desired option by the client.


Can anyone tell my how to alter the shades of grey in 3D visualisations so that not all pipelines look the same .


I attached a file of what the plot preview looks like and another of what the actual plot looks like

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Re: How to adjust the greyscale in a 3D model plot

10-09-2011 12:03 AM in reply to: jeroenvanderhoeven

Hello my friend.

U can do it in two parts.

Part 1: Prepare only 3d model in a separate CAD file. Apply materials, set proper lights then render and save a high resolution image in a folder. Let the file name be image1.


Part 2: Attach image "image1" in the model space with proper scaling as per your Layout viewport. Move away the viewport of your actual 3D model from the layout.

Here the trick is to use an image in a viewport instead of 3D actual model. You need to match the scale and alignment of the viewport of "image1" with other viewports.


Good luck & regards.

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Re: How to adjust the greyscale in a 3D model plot

10-10-2011 02:33 AM in reply to: jeroenvanderhoeven

Thank you for your reply but this option is not doable for me because I have 30 of these drawings and some may have to be altered in the future so this option takes up way to much time and handlings.


In the mean time I got a responce from our local helpdesk saying that up to ACAD2010 there is an easier way (so there is a possibility) to adjust these settings.

From ACAD2011 and up the possibilities to alter these settings in the visual styles is no more.


Downside is that the helpdesk doesn't exactly know HOW to alter these settings....YET.


I will let you guys know when i receive more intell.



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