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dwg to pdf, line weight too big

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05-24-2012 02:33 PM

Is there a way to export to pdf so that the lines match closer to the original drawing? I've tried using different pdf drivers, using trueview, exporting to a larger paper size (which improved output, but still not good enough). I know there has got to be a setting to increase the rasterization quality but the obvious ones don't work.


The firest image is an example section of the exported pdf and the second image is what it looks like opened in autocad.





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Re: dwg to pdf, line weight too big

05-25-2012 03:25 AM in reply to: benolsen

Line weight is usually controlled by the plot style table, either CTB or STB. The chairs could be a color or on a layer set to plot thicker. Try using the monochrome style in the plot dialog box and see if that helps any.

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