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Printing and Plotting

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custom paper size

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04-15-2012 01:06 PM

Hello everyone, and first of all thanks for reading this post, and sorry for my bad english. I'm sorry if similar problem has been already mentioned here, i couldn't find it.

i have a problem plotting large drawing in scale. When scaled (1:50), model should have dimensions of 59.4cm x 150cm, which is not a standard size of paper. When a choose a largest offered paper and set scale, only portion of my drawing is shown trough the viewport.I know i can make a paper custom size manually, but is there option similar to one "fit to the paper", only instead of fitting model to predefined paper size, one that makes custom size of paper based on scale, dimension of model, and offset from it?

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Re: custom paper size

04-16-2012 10:01 AM in reply to: slow1

What is the actual size of the modelspace area you wish to plot?

what are you plotting to? using which driver?

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