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Automatic plotter changing/replacing (maybe AutoLISP).

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03-21-2012 03:26 PM

I need to change printer/plotter (maybe PC3 file) on my drawings. For example I have 'printerN.pc3' setted and I need to set 'PrinterM.pc3'. Also need to change print scale. But since I have many drawing I need somithing thatcan do iy automatically. So what I need:


I need to replace specific plotter to anither plotter:

1. For example if plotter setted to "HP" -> change to "Canon"

2. If paper size (2) is A3, set Plot scale (3) to 1:1.015, if Paper size (2) - A4, set Plot scale (3) to 1:1.02

Seems like I can do it with AutoLISP.

So I need your suggestions, where to look. Thanx a lot.

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Re: Automatic plotter changing/replacing (maybe AutoLISP).

03-22-2012 06:08 AM in reply to: Dasharnb777

-PLOT command, write a simple script then use SCRIPTPRO tool free from Autodesk to run it in all your files.


Explore this as a tool, modify to meet your needs:


Explore and get into PUBLISH command and skip this per-file plotting method.


Get into SSM and manager projects even better (not an option in R2004) if these are all single project related needs.


Lisp Customization Discussion area:

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Re: Automatic plotter changing/replacing (maybe AutoLISP).

03-22-2012 11:13 AM in reply to: pendean

Thanx a lot for the reply, I will check it out. Anyway thanx!

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