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AutoCAD 2013 - Drawings is plotting "light" issue

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05-15-2012 07:08 AM

Im having an issue with drawings plotting too light in AutoCAD 2013. Polylines with a specified thickness of 1/32" will print dark, but the rest of the drawing is almost unreadable because it is too light.  "Plot with Plotstyles" is selected


I can use 2009 to print, which is also installed on my machine, and the drawing will print as intended.


Using the same plot style, same settings in both. 


Anybody have any fixes? 

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Re: AutoCAD 2013 - Drawings is plotting "light" issue

05-17-2012 07:27 AM in reply to: williamp523

CTB or STB? they are not used in the same way.


Do you need to double-check your plot style settings first? "same" always ends up being an issue if you only looked at the file name and not it's content.


Also ensure the file you examine is the one 2013 is using: start STYLESMANAGER command in 2013 then look at the plot style table in detail. Do the same in 2009 and compare the two side by side.


Note that if you also changed printers/plotters, you most likely will need to rewrite the CTB/STB you are using.

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