Pointing Devices and Displays

Pointing Devices and Displays

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standard or wide screen

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09-26-2007 09:19 AM
I was about to purchase a new LCD monitor. I am looking at a 21".
I am undecided on which to choose. A standard monitor or widescreen. Any pros or cons to either? What is everyone out there using with their Autocad? Is one better than the other? Or is it personal preference?
Thanks for you input....
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Re: standard or wide screen

09-26-2007 09:47 AM in reply to: sjohn8018
Personal preference, but I like the 20" widescreen I'm using. Sure, it's
not as "tall" as the 19" CRT it replaced, but the resolution is higher and
the image so much sharper that I don't miss it at all.

Others will suggest getting 2 19" standard LCDs - but again, that's personal
preference and can depend on how you use it and set up your screens.
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Re: standard or wide screen

10-03-2007 11:40 AM in reply to: sjohn8018
I am on the fence about widescreen. For AutoCAD it seems logical with sheet sizes being what they are and video is clearly the driving force behind widescreen. However, everything else like internet, etc... just isn't worth a darn that wide. 8 1/2 inch wide sheets are a standard for a reason, it's a matter of comfortable reading widths. If I was to go widescreen I would want the pivot option and would have it vertical most of the time. I just as soon have larger regular monitors and be done with it. Any screen can support wide screen, but not any widescreen supports using it like a regular monitor because you lose a lot of height.

IE... my major old 900p CRT is 14 1/2" viewable wide and 10 3/4" viewable high. The laptop I have is widescreen and 14 1/2" viewable wide, but only 9" high. That missing 1 3/4" does make a difference. On my 900p I can view the exact same dimensions as the laptop, but not the other way around. So basically, you lose options going widescreen. How can that be a plus like the industry wants us to believe?
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Re: standard or wide screen

10-14-2007 07:59 PM in reply to: sjohn8018
Wow, man, dots are dots, eh?

You can have more up or down, or more side-to-side. Either way you see more of your drawing, or more toolbars/palettes.

Meanwhile, LCDs in the widescreen ratios are getting cheaper because video is going widescreen.

I'm about to jump from 2 "standard" 19-inch 1280x1024 screens to 2 21.6-inch 1680x1050 screens. I don't see where I'm losing anything in the move. An LCD at the next "standard" of 1600x1200 costs WAY more and/or has a smaller dot pitch.
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