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cursor jumps on my screen

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05-02-2012 03:01 PM

i use a Hitichi digitizer 2222S.

I am running it on "14" along with 2000, 2002, 2007.


the curson jumps from when using the stylus pen to draw.

but not from the roller ball mouse. i am thinking that it is something to do with the digitizer and the interface with the pen, but i have no way to prove it.

i thought that it might be my hand is not steady anymore, but that doesn't seem to be the problme either.

i can hold the pen down at an angle so that the pickup will regester, but the cursor doens't stay completely still then either, but it is better.

does anyone know if there is a setting or just a bad chip in the tablet that might be causing this?

i could use any one's ideas.




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Re: cursor jumps on my screen

05-03-2012 05:26 AM in reply to: rlknight

Just had the same thing happen on my SummaSketch and the power supply was going bad.


It first appeared in the mouse, and then went to the 16 button curser.


The light was steady, but when I changed the power supply, it went back to normal.


Hope this helps.





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