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Multiple sorting view

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by Active Contributor adminplm360 on ‎06-25-2013 11:24 AM

There should be an option to set more than one sorting options in the views. So first sort items by date and then by item number for example.


You have this in the report tool.

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It would be useful to have a new Field Type that is the DMSID for items in the workspace. This is such a useful bit of information it just seems to make sense to have it "at the ready".

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In our Sequencer WS, we have a field that were created to display DMSID I hope this help with your requests.
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Automated way to advance workflow

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by cruzj on ‎06-03-2013 03:57 PM

When a user receives a notification that a workflow action is available, the user clicks on the link in the email, which goes to the Actions tab, clicks on Edit on the Item Details tab, peform the requested action, clicks on Save, then go to the Workflow Actions tab, and click the arrow in the workflow so that the workflow advances. Is there a way to offer a "Save" or "Submit" button/flag (that would automatically advance) for the user so that there are fewer clicks?

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Hi Cruzj, There are two potential solutions to help minimize the clicking. 1. There is a new feature on top of the Item Details Tab - drop down selection, that allows the user to directly move the transition of the workflow in the Workflow Tab without going to the Workflow Tab. 2. Second option is to write an action script and add that to the behavior - upon edit. The action script will determine based on the number of fields completed will move through the workflow. This can be a complex process to script. My suggestions is utilizing the for option. thanks, Trung
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When a user selects a workspace it returns a list of Items based on the Default View


Once an Item is selected it shows the Item Details on the right and list of Items on the Left.


Currently it is possible to hide the list of Items by clicking on icon.png and then icon2.png to show the list of Items again.



Please provide the ability to hide the Item Details to show the complete list of Items  icon2.pngicon.png

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Scriptable field controls (permissions)

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by cruzj on ‎06-04-2013 04:07 PM
Based on a value or status of a field, the ability to take an action based on changes to a field value.

Example, moving to the next step in the workflow. In the process to create a product name, the Person A asks Person B to create a name and get it approved by Legal.
If Person B approves a product name, we would like the workflow to  automatically advance to the next stage based on the "approved" status so that there are less clicks for the user and less chance of forgetting to advance the workflow on the Workflow Actions tab.
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Hi cruzj, Currently you can write actions script to move the transition of the workflow based on the input of the fields in the Item Details Tab or completion of Workflow Transition. Depending on the number of fields you want to automate, it can range from simple to highly complex. You will need to activate the action script in the behavior for both upon creation and on edit to have the scripts running with every updates in the field. If workflow, you will need to add the action script to the action script section of the transition. item.performWorkflowTransition(Transition #, "Comments"); // This is the command line for workflow transition.
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Our team used BOMs to create data hierarchies.

For example, Pricing has a child Offering, which has a child Release, which has a child PLC (Product Line Code).

When a user selects a BOM in Pricing, can the user see the down the relationships to Offering, Release and PLC?

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We use BOMs to show data hierarchies.
Example hierarchy:
  • Pricing - which is a parent of
  • Offering - which is a parent of
  • Release - which is a parent of
  • Product Line Code - which is the lowest level of child
Can we do a validation from a field in a Parent item details form to a child BOM?
The Pricing form has a field to display Product name and show some derived fields that are used in a pricing calculations. Can we ensure that somewhere down the chain of BOMs, that the same Product is added as a child? 

The validation logic may possibly only be done on a workflow transition.

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Form validations - client-side

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by cruzj on ‎06-03-2013 04:23 PM

Form validations on the client side can save the user's time by pointing out errors in the form as they are entered or auto-populating values based on other values in another field.


An example is on a  pricing form where there some data relationships that should not be broken and internal logic would be enabled based on values the user selects. If a user selects value 1 from picklist A, then picklist B would show a different set of values than if the user selected value 2.

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We need to control image size in a page display. Adding a width would work as long as you maintain the L:W ratio. See attached.

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Hi All,

I am not sure if this has been mentioned yet.

Currently your outstanding tasks will show anything that you have the ability to change, this means that there is WAY too many items in the list then is relevant.

My solution would be to allow a script to run (on item creation although doesn’t really matter) that would take the information from a user pick list field (let’s call it Assigned to) and add that person to the additional owners of the item.

Then in the security settings do not give your users access to see items owned by others and hence leaving you with an outstanding items list that is relevant to you not your entire team.

I understand that I could just add them into the additional owners manually however this is extremely frustrating as there is nothing to prompt you to do so and is often forgotten, if it is a field then I can make it required.


Please!!! :smileyhappy:



Status: Solution Provided

Currently you can add and remove groups and users to the AdditonalOwner.

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