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Expanding Report Options

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by Contributor MrSJM88 on ‎01-15-2015 08:59 AM

Hi All,


I was wondering if Autodesk had any plans to add some more features to the reporting side of things?


I think a "nice to have" would be the ability to create your own header. Maybe something along the lines of the "Advance Print View" options.

Another idea would be to have the ability to calculate, and gather sums of columns. 





Status: Comments Requested

Hi Stephen,


I appreciate you taking the time to submit your ideas and questions on the Idea Station.


1.  We are always looking for ways to improve and enhance the features and capabilities of our product.

     We love to get ideas and feedbacks  in order for our Product Team to improve the reporting tool.

     At the moment we can't release or share any development concepts or commit to any timeframes.

     I can share with you that reporting is important and it is one of many items on the product team's roadmap.



2. Currently our Advance Print View does allow users to set Header and Footer.  

    You can change the header and footer to meet your needs.




3. Please provide more details and information regarding the calculation and sums of columns.  

    Currently in the Grid Tab, you can perform SUM, COUNT, and AVERAGE.  









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by trevorhill on ‎01-09-2015 07:51 AM


I am just curious when 'reporting' is going to have more functionality? Is this on the agenda for enhancements? We have a few power users that are pushing for more functionality; which will also help with user acceptance! Also, Happy New Year to everyone out there!


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Hi Trevor,



Our Product Management team is always lookinng for new ideas and features regarding the improvement and enhancement of the "Reports".


Now "Report" is a big function with many features that are roll up into one.



Are you looking for cross-functional reporting?

Are you looking to improve our reporting view, display, and setup?

Are you looking to improve on graphical charts, data set, or inter laying graphs and charts?


Please provide more details and share some use cases in order to help us understand your needs and requirements.


Thank you,



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I was poised with the question on how PLM 360 handles multiple users (who have edit access to a record) who are in the same record editing various fields?  I know that the first person who saves wins and the other user(s) will receive a message that their view needs to be refreshed due to changes made by another user.  The issue here is that the other users don't know if someone else is editing when they are and they are only warned/told when someone makes a save (after the fact).  This means the other users will lose the data they just entered (by having to refresh thier view and then add their changes back in).


Customer wants to know if there is any way to allow users to know if some has started to edited data before they also start to edit data on the same record?




Status: Comments Requested

Hi John,


We appreciate you taking the time to submit this idea to the Idea Station.


My colleague seems to be interested in your idea and hope to connect with you to gather additional information.


Thank you,



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I would be nice if I could filter the new based on who can perform the next workflow item.


Basically I would like to filter the view to only show the records where it is my turn to perform a workflow action.


I know I can do this with using the "Outstanding Work" feature, but I have some workspaces where I have chosen not to show them in my outstanding work because the just clutters up the view.

Status: Comments Requested

Hi Sten,


There might be an alternative solution.


Many of my customers have utilized the Change Owner and Additional to allow their employees to see and not see certain records based on their work section or group levels.


You can manually or write an action script that will Add or Remove Additional Owner to a record based on the workflow transition.

You can also manually or write an action script that will change the Owner of the record.  By changing the different owner, only the current Owner of the record will be able to see the record at that given time.







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it would be very useful to be able to clone existing reports one has created or clone reports other users have created.

Today we can't see how other users have created reports. Sometimes it is just easy to modify a report that somebody else has created.

Thank you

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Hi crisjones,


Currently you have the capability to clone your own reports.  The reports that you create, the system will allow you to clone them.


Now for cloning other people reports, currently this feature has not been added at the moment.


I have some questions and require some clarifications.


As you user, I want to able to clone other people reports only when it is public/share.

Or as an Administrator, I want to be able to clone all the users reports that are active and inactive.


If an employee leaves the company, do you want the administrator to assign the reports to another user or to add to the administrator lists.


Please provide more information and use cases.


thank you,



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Radio Button display

Status: Comments Requested
by Contributor michael.timmis on ‎08-08-2013 12:42 AM

I have a simple picklist, 1 to 5, for a scoring record. However when you change from a default drop down box to radio button, they display as a vertical list of the options, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


Radio Button Display.JPG


It would be good to have the option to make the radio buttons list horizontal or vertical. Improving the amount of space a form takes up on screen.


Thanks in advance.

Status: Comments Requested
This is a good feature, it gives the users more flexibility. We will add this to the list of features.
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Selection required on a filtered pick list

Status: Comments Requested
by Kenneberg ‎03-26-2014 12:22 AM - edited ‎03-26-2014 12:23 AM



I posted a question about how to get the "Selection required" validation on a filtered pick list field. As I didn't get any suggestions this might be a feature that's missing. The original forum post is here:


Status: Comments Requested
Hi Kenneberg, We appreciate you submitting your idea to the Idea Station. We have added this request to our feature list. Thank you, Trung
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Hi there


I have created three workspaces, and I've created the reports for the first one.


The reports that I intend to create for the other two workspaces, will be exactly the same.


I'd like to be able to clone the report from the first workspace, and edit the workspace I use it in, and then save it to the right area.


Thank you



Status: Comments Requested

Hi Claire,


We appreciate you taking the time to write and submit this idea to the Idea Station.


This is a very interesting case, and I might need some additional information.


I understand the want to clone the report to make it easier and quicker.


I can only see the benefit to clone the report if they are the same workspaces which require some different information but still having same fields and types.  This is one of the reason why we only have clone ability for the same workspace.  Another reason for cloning reports is to capture the same data setting for the Chart. 


I am having a hard time understanding the value to clone a report for 3 different workspaces. Each workspaces have different fields content and different types (some have Grid field, BOM Field, Workflow) that may or may not be the same in all three. The user will need to go back into the report setting to change all the fields and type.


We would love to get more details and feedback from you.  This will help us understand the idea better and to properly design a feature based on your needs.


thank you,





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It would be great if we could:


Have the ability to choose a report as an element (in advance print view) and then have it embedded in the email sent out.




Choosing a report and the file type of the attachment, and have that sent out with the advance print view.

Status: Comments Requested
Hi piggeej, We appreciate your inputs. The idea sounds good, and we will add to our feature list. Thanks, Trung
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PLM360 is proving to be a great tool for us in support of new idea mangement, project selection and project management. But one other piece could make all the difference...


A communication tool. Something where we could share quick notes or a chat with teammates in a project community. Perhaps being able to "watch" an item for new comments, specific conversations regarding that item that are happing everyday on some level. The daily notifications are helpful but a section of the homepage or a seperate window that could be kept open that displays "live" data would be fantastic.


The goal, replace all project specific communication now taking place in e-mail. Facilitate and store this communication within an item and display all "watched" item communications on my homepge / dashboard.



Status: Comments Requested
Hi dnaugle, We appreciate your ideas and inputs. We will add this to our feature list. Thank you, Trung
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