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Link Note to Transition

Status: Future Consideration
by spiazza78 on ‎08-26-2014 02:04 AM



would be nice to be able to link a Note to a Transition within Workflow Editor ...


Best regards

Status: Future Consideration

Hi spiazza78,


I appreciate you submitting this request.


I will review and add to our future enhancement list.


thank you,



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Run Script by Push Button

Status: Implemented
by Distinguished Contributor obourne on ‎02-21-2013 01:55 PM

I'd like the ability to run a script by pushing abutton in the workspace item and not have to rely upon a state transition to do so. There are times where I want to create an item but use data from an existing item (the one I'm in at that time) and then link them together via the relationships tab. I want to do this without a state change (because state change would not be needed to simply link to items). I realize I can change behaviors to run a script upon creation that could do much of the same. It just makes sense to NOT to have to navigate away from where I'm at and then remeber what I want to link to. I'm all about automation.

Status: Implemented

This feature is finally being rolled out.  This will be in our upcoming release.


Check out the "What's New in our Help Guide"


Thank you,



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Section Advanced Permission

Status: Future Consideration
by spiazza78 on ‎09-02-2014 01:57 AM

Could it be possible to have the choice to allocate the rights based on Roles rather than Groups?


It seems easier to have akind of unicity between role and section as a Group may have several Roles.


but I guess that both are usefull as it really depend on the use case.


Best regards

Status: Future Consideration

Hi spiazza78,


I appreciate you taking the time to submit this request.


This is an interesting new idea.  


I will review this idea and add to our future enhancement list.





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The lists of scripts available in the Workflow Editor's Transition Properties window should each be sorted alphabetically.  These are the ones for Precondition, Validation, and Action.

Status: Accepted

Hi J.hendrickson,


I appreciate you taking the time to submit this idea to the Idea Station.


Many customers have brought this up to my attention.  It will make  everyone's job much easier to find a script in the transition workflow.


I will add this to our feature list.


Thank you,



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I've run into a problem where I created a "Basic Workspace with workflow" but did not immediately define any workflow.  I'm now 100 records into using the workspace and ready to define a workflow.  But I've learned that any workflow I add will only apply to new records, not be retroactive to pre-workflow ones.  This is counterintuitive as changes to workflows immediately apply to all records regardless of when they were created.  I consider "adding" a workflow to be a "change" and should also apply to all records.  Now I have some records with workflow and some without... in the same workspace.


My suggestion is that when a “Basic Workspace with workflow” is created it is pre-populated with at least one default state.  This will make it clear when creating records that the workspace is intended to have a workflow and to make it possible to fully define the workflow later on.


Thanks for the great product.


Joe Hendrickson

Status: Future Consideration

Hi Joe,


We appreciate you taking the time to write this detail idea request.


I realize that many Admins forget to create a workflow when selecting Workspace with Workflow.

This causes the record to be lock and needs to be purge after the workflow is created and activate.


We will review your request and add this to our future enhancement list.


thank you,



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It could be very handy if condition and validation scripts could take a argument.


It could cut down on the number of scripts needed.


For example:

A GenAccept script could be reused on both an Accept and Reject action if it could take a bool argument.



GenAccept(false)  (negate output)


Allowing it to take an integer would make it even more flexible.

Status: Comments Requested

Hello plmadmin,


I’m not sure I fully understand this request to have condition and validation scripts accept arguments.  Condition and Validation scripts currently get predefined parameters such as dmsID, userID, transID, and customTransID.  In addition, Library scripts can be imported into a Condition or Validation script that allows reuse functions (which include parameters) across many scripts.


In your example of GenAccept(true/false) for a Validation script, a Library script could be created to return an empty list or a list that could contain a canned error message:


Library Script:  GenAccept


function genAccept(hasValidationError){

                var messages = [];
                if(hasValidationError === true){
                                messages.push(Canned error message here');


Validation Script:  testMyValues     Import:  GenAccept

returnValue(genAccept( item.SOMEFIELD === null ));


In this case, the generic function (genAccept()) can be used to provide a canned message as the returnValue for one or many validation upon the condition that results in true/false.  This behavior is standard in PLM 360’s scripting engine. 


Is this helpful, or have I missed the point of the enhancement you’re requesting?





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Actions based on Time

Status: Comments Requested
by NPIADMIN on ‎12-17-2012 02:35 AM

Hello Team,

Currently the tool is not offering the possibility to automatically perform an action on a specific time.

In our product launch management, we need to have an e-mail sent on the release of the product but we don't want to manually do it or change a workflow to a status which will then trigger the e-mail notification. 

We will also need the tool, based on a calculated dates to kick of some workflows and this is not something we can actually do in PLM360.

Is Time based actions something that PLM360 will offer soon? This is a major concern for the implementation of PLM360 within our processes and could prevent some parts of our process to be moved over.

Based on our current usage of PLM360, the overall time management should be something more explored in next updates of the product



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It would be really neat to be able to create a field in Item Details (poss elsewhere too ?) that would autofill with comments from the workflow.  For example, when taking a delivery, the user clicks on the 'Accept delivery' transition and has to submit a comment as to where the delivered item is.  If this could be a field that was configurable to use a picklist AND then write that same info to a field of the same name in Item Details, it would mean the recipient only has to enter the data once, but it is then visible in Item Details should someone else be calling up the record to see where the item is currently located.


I know that the info in this comments box is used in a couple of places (? in the email triggered by the workflow transition , and in the Workflow tab (which I can't seem to see on this workspace), but at the moment it is not v visible when looking at the record on a separate occasion.  


In fact, if you could edit the workflow comments to be separate fields rather than just one box, that would expand this idea further.  It reduces the clicks a user has to make to fill in the required info while makingit more obvious which info IS required when moving something to the next state in the workflow.



Hope that makes sense,





Status: Future Consideration
Hi Fiona, We appreciate you submitting this request. We will review this request and add to our future enhancement list.
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Automated way to advance workflow

Status: Solution Provided
by cruzj on ‎06-03-2013 03:57 PM

When a user receives a notification that a workflow action is available, the user clicks on the link in the email, which goes to the Actions tab, clicks on Edit on the Item Details tab, peform the requested action, clicks on Save, then go to the Workflow Actions tab, and click the arrow in the workflow so that the workflow advances. Is there a way to offer a "Save" or "Submit" button/flag (that would automatically advance) for the user so that there are fewer clicks?

Status: Solution Provided
Hi Cruzj, There are two potential solutions to help minimize the clicking. 1. There is a new feature on top of the Item Details Tab - drop down selection, that allows the user to directly move the transition of the workflow in the Workflow Tab without going to the Workflow Tab. 2. Second option is to write an action script and add that to the behavior - upon edit. The action script will determine based on the number of fields completed will move through the workflow. This can be a complex process to script. My suggestions is utilizing the for option. thanks, Trung
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Where a Workspace requires different pieces of data to be entered at different states in the workflow , it would be good to guide the user through the specific information they are required to add by defining fields (or sections) of the item details that correspond to specific workflow states.  In addition, it would be good to allow users who can change the workflow state to do this directly from the item details tab.


A good example of this is a Request for Information (RFI) workflow where one party wants to ask a question of another party and get a response.


For the given workflow below




When a user is creating the RFI, they are given a response field, which is irrelevant at this stage.




Once created.  The recipient has to edit the RFI to add their response to the item details.




User then needs to update the Workflow state to say they have added a response.



Instead, it would be useful to give the user buttons to select the workflow state they want to move to based on the available states




If selecting "Reply to RFI", the user would then be taken to an edit details page just allowing the fields associated to the "RFI Reply Sent" state to be edited.  This would drive user to follow the workflow required.

Status: Accepted
Paul, This is a very interesting idea. Workflow is one of those areas we’re continuously talking about, and this idea certainly adds to some of the ideas we’ve been throwing around. I’m going to move this idea to “Comments Requested”, and ask the PLM360 Product Manager who’s responsible for workflow to review this idea and join in the conversation. By the way, great idea and very well documented!!! -Jared
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