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Scripting Access BOM & Sourcing Tab

Status: Implemented
by Active Contributor DonovanJr on ‎12-03-2012 11:37 AM

We need access via the Server Side Sripting to both the BOM Tab & Sourcing Tab.


I believe there are several support threads as well as Ideastation references to this functionality but I felt we needed a clear Idea Post for this functionality.


Similar to the new object record item.workflowitems recently added we need to have information contained in the BOM & Sourcing tabs for use in scripting.


An example would be having an assembly shown on an Sakes Quote Grid and a workflow that would explode the BOM children of that assembly into the grid of an RFQ and access the default supplier to create a master RFQ for cloning quoting purposes.


Ideally this would be read/write access for back feed updating of costing etc.


Status: Implemented
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I have come to the conclusion that I cannot use the Sourcing workspaces in PLM because it forces me to use a:

Item -> Supplier -> Manufacturer style sourcing.


Our work area is electronics and "suppliers" are in our case primarly "distributors".


I don't wan't the distributor to form the link between our parts and the manufacturers part number. 

The distributors are just middlemen and as long as they are reputable destributors I don't really where where the parts come from. The same way I don't care if the items are shipped FedEx or UPS.


It would be nice if the Sourcing tab could support this.


Status: Future Consideration
Hi sten, We appreciate you submitting your ideas to the Idea Station. We will add this to our future enhancement list. Thank you, Trung
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