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Delegation Should Be Emailed

Status: Accepted
by rjohnson on ‎09-11-2014 04:09 PM

We have configured e-mail notifications on our workflows to notify users when they have an action to perform.  Unfortunately, if a users has delegated to another users, the delegate does not receive an e-mail.  It would be great if PLM360 would email the user and the user's delegate when they need to perform a workflow action.

Status: Accepted

Hi Robb,


After review, we discovered the feature to notify the delegatee on workflow action was not included.


We will add this to our feature list and set for future release.


We appreciate your input and suggestion regarding the notification for delegations.


Thank you,



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Do you want to save?

Status: Accepted
by Contributor RBocox on ‎03-18-2014 11:46 AM

I noticed that when you exit out of a file, the system does not ask DO YOU WANT TO SAVE?


This feature is available on most systems and helps to eliminate the possibility of losing all the valued information you may have already entered.


The current system just closes and Oh Well!


Would be nice to have this feature.


If you mistakenly hit cancel it would be nice to be prompted to a popup of Are you sure you want to cancel without saving?

Status: Accepted
Hi Rbocox, We appreciate you submitting this idea. We will add this to our feature list. Thank you, Trung
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At the moment its very easy to flood the 'My Outstanding Work' area of the home page with Items which aren't actually related to the user. It devalues the use of the 'My Outstanding Work' section & over time conditions the user to ignore it all together.


I understand there are ways to control this. However, it needs to be dramatically simplified, i.e: achieving this behaviour without the need for scripting.

Status: Comments Requested
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Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor RBocox on ‎01-16-2014 10:36 AM

It would be nice that when you're in the edit mode, if you happen to mistakenly hit the cancel tab instead of the save tab you would get a prompt such as "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO EXIT WITHOUT SAVING?" This would eliminate the possibility of losing any and all work when simply hitting the cancel key.

Status: Future Consideration
Hi RBocox, We appreciate your input and suggestion. We will add this to our future enhancement list. thank you, Trung
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I have two enhancements that would greatly improve our workflow communications using the email scripting object


Currently the Email scripting object has only three properties (To, Subject & Body)


It would be great to add an Attachment property most likely an array that could be populated via the script from workspace references to attachements in the system. - Great use would be to allow transmittal of pdf files to a supplier in an RFQ workflow.


Second (and not sure if this is possible) - allow for a default return email address (such as a company generic email address) to be the From address rather than the NoReplyAutodesk address.  This would only be used by Script generated emails - the standard workflow email should remain as is. You could define this address in one of two ways.


1. Setup in Admin a company default address that can be read via scripting

2. Get the user email address from the user information at the time the script is executed



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