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If you could add the tabs to the workspace the same way you add a field, you would gain a ton of functionality. Even if you were still restricted to the same types of tabs currently available (grid, BOM, etc.), being able to add multiples of a tab and to add them only when necessary would be a great boost.

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PLM360 iPad

Status: Accepted
by Contributor jonas.andersson on ‎11-15-2013 04:06 AM

Any plans on having a dedicated APP (google play/ APPstore) for PLM360?


Kind regards,


Status: Accepted
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Formatting with Reports on PLM360

Status: Comments Requested
by Contributor Asingh5 ‎03-01-2013 07:12 AM - edited ‎03-01-2013 07:33 AM

Currently when generating a report, PLM360 provides a plain excel output which is not very practical dealing with a large amount of information for over 1000 items.


When exporting the report to Excel, the report should be formatted similarly as the HTML version.


Below are some features to make reports on PLM more practical. 


  • Freeze Panes - Top Row
  • Filters on column headings
  • Bordering lines to show column separation
  • Colored rows

To illustrate and example of what I mean...



This is how a regular excel exported report looks.        This is how it should ideally look.


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Tabs - more info

Status: Future Consideration
by Valued Contributor Bill.Bogan on ‎06-05-2013 10:45 AM

When I'm sand boxing an approach, it would be very helpful to see the page name in the tab - particularly when navigating between several tabs. See attached.

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because of lack abilities in REST API it would be nice to execute script through REST API.



1. Administrator creates actions script.

2. User logins to PLM360 with REST API.

3. Code of integration tool sends command to PLM360. For example, "ExecuteScript". Additionally can be defined ItemID, WorkspaceID, etc as arguments of function.


Currently, the workaround I will use is execution of script on create or update events of item.


Best regards, Vladimir

Status: Future Consideration
Hi Vladimir, We appreciate you submitting this request. We will add this to our future enhancement list. Thank you, Trung
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It would be great if there was a native support for 2d and linear bar codes.


I've 2 different online sources thus far and both have had issues. 1 was depricated (and it was recommened bu ADSK and provided by Google) and onother where the company was purchased by Yahoo and now I can't access their website to get some information.


While online/free resources are great I need reliable service.

Status: Future Consideration
HI Obourne, We appreciate you submitting this Idea. We will add this to our future enhancement list. Thank you, Trung
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Multiple deletion

Status: Comments Requested
by Active Contributor adminplm360 on ‎05-30-2013 09:32 AM

There should be an easier way to delete items from a workspace without having to use the import tools. Sometimes you just want to delete 8 items and there is not an easy and fast way. I know that exist the import utility but you need to have a spreadsheet in order to do it.

Status: Comments Requested
There's been several discussions regarding mass update/delete feature plans. This is certainly part of our planning for PLM 360. I think in addition to delete, we'd like to offer edit capabilities to this feature.
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Filter Workspace Relationship

Status: Comments Requested
by dsl145 on ‎11-14-2013 11:31 AM

I'd like if a filter could be added to the workspace relationships. The seach bar is nice when added the workspace relationships; but sometimes you only want a certain area of a workspace item list available.


Eg. From our autodesk vault item import, we have all the sub-components of a weldment available as their own items, along with the weldment. When selecting from the list of items however, I would not want to have to see all the sub-components of the weldment.

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Sequencing Picklist

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor Colgan on ‎10-02-2013 03:32 AM

Hi All,


It would be great if we could put an order on the sequence of Picklists. I have a picklist of a range from T1-T22 and the order of the dropdowns  collapses as T1,T11,T12 wherease I want the picklist to collapse as T1,T2,T3...etc. It's not an option for me to change the T numbers to T01,T02 etc as these are industry standards.


Many thanks



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I have an Excel application I would like to run in PLM 360.  It uses VBA and could draw from data in PLM 360.  It is a relatively large application and has a large screen footprint which means there must be capability to scroll to the right to see important data.


Perhaps this capability already exists and I'm not aware of it.  Since many of us are coming from spreadsheet intensive environments it might make the transition easier for us if we could use our Excel applications directly in PLM 360.

Status: Future Consideration
I’m not sure about running a spreadsheet project directly within PLM360, but we've had internal discussions around adding grid like functionality to the item details page. This is a good idea; however I think we’ll have to put this one out a ways. I also think you’re spot on about the advantage of this feature for users coming from excel solutions.
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