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February 2013 Update Release Notes

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02-10-2013 06:04 AM

I just got a message to say that the Feb 2013 update is in place. However I can't seem to find any release notes. When I follow the 'what's new in plm 360' link there aren't any notes for Feb 2013. Nor does there seem to be any updates to the scripting reference page.

Can you assist? Am I missing something?


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Re: February 2013 Update Release Notes

02-10-2013 09:16 AM in reply to: dkeeley

That's a miss on our part - sorry :smileyembarrassed:


I'll work with our content folks to get the official page updated, but here's some rough notes to tide you over in the meantime:


What’s New in PLM 360 Release 8.0?

Option to Hide Notes in the Workflow Map


A new setting in the Workflow Editor’s Note Properties turns off the display of individual notes on a workflow map so they are visible only in the editor. This setting is like the ability to hide states and transitions, but expands on it by allowing Administrators to maintain any kind of information about a workflow with the assurance that only users with the appropriate permissions have access to it.


For help on hiding notes on a workflow map, see Note Properties in Workflow Editor UI.

Instant Search Added to the Item View Menu


We’ve made it much easier to work with large numbers of custom item views by adding Instant search to the View menu on the Workspace Page. Click the View menu button and start typing the name of the view you’re looking for. As you type, PLM 360 filters the listed views and finds the first match on the list. To select and open a view, click its name or use the up and down arrow keys to select it and then press Enter. If the matching view is the one you want, just press Enter.


For help on using Instant search to filter item views, see The Workspace Page.

Enhancements to Message Attributes in Scripted Emails


When sending email messages with scripts, you’re no longer limited to a single recipient or a predefined list of recipients generated from a user group. You can now send scripted emails to multiple individual recipients in the Cc and Bcc header fields as well as the To field. You can also choose to send emails in plain text instead of HTML by setting the message Content-Type to text/plain.


To learn more about these enhancements, see Email() Object in the Scripting Reference.

Scripting Access to Project Management and Relationship Data


This release further extends server-side scripting capabilities by adding access to item Project Management and Relationships data.


Properties on a new item.project object provide read access to all data associated with items linked to project tasks and not just the data shown in the Project Management tab. By adding data like costs and hours to these linked items and using scripts to traverse them, you can roll up project budgeting data as well as scheduling data.


Also in this release is a new item Relationships array that allows scripts to read and edit an item’s relationships with other items. Using the array together with the  addRelated() and remove() methods, you can also create new relationships between items as well as delete existing ones.


For help on using scripts to access Project Management and Relationship data, see Project Properties on the item Object and item Object Relationships Array in the Scripting Reference.

Support for IE10. Discontinued Support for IE7


In this release, we add support for Internet Explorer 10 and discontinue support for Internet Explorer 7. For more on browser support, see View Supported Browsers.


Hope that helps!  We'll work on getting some detailed examples put together for our "Feature Friday's" on the PLM 360 blog.




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Re: February 2013 Update Release Notes

02-10-2013 11:07 AM in reply to: michelle.stone

Thanks Michelle. Some very useful additional functionality. Keep up the good work.


PS. Is it still in the plan that items can be added and removed from the PM tab via scripts?

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