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Re: Can't Delete Linked Items

10-17-2012 12:51 PM in reply to: JohnCHill

Cheers John.


To be honest I am struggling with deciding how to divide up the roles into groups, Up front I can't tell which groupos will be accessing the information intially & whether or not I want them to have access to all tabs or just some. 


What I am struggling with is how to clear the waters, so I can see a clear path on logically & clearly setting up user groups & their associated roles.


In a way it feels like there shoudl be a R/W & a R/O role for each tab of each workspace, then a maybe 2-3 Workflow Roles. Then they get assigned as & where necessary, making sure that you never add two roles for the same workspace & tab to the same group.


But as you can imagine, the Roles list would become humongous as the the tenant grows.


So what to do?

Scott Moyse

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Re: Can't Delete Linked Items

10-18-2012 07:05 AM in reply to: scottmoyse



As I mentioned earlier in this post, to summarize;


 " ...  This being said you could cause more problems than solutions by now having 40 roles all dealing with one workspace (scalability issue?).... this is an option of choice; you can admin PLM360 with either micro Roles, macro Roles or Both. This is a choice of the user; we just suggest macro Rules for those starting out as it makes troubleshooting an issue a little simpler and faster when we are called in to help.”


Like we all agree, there is no wrong or right answer to how one should set up there PLM360, It is strictly use what works best for you.

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