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Advanced Print Question - No Lines

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10-30-2012 07:41 AM

I am new to using HTML editor as a repot format generator and an uncertain of some of the formatting tools under advanced print pallet


The easiest method to space item across the print is using tables but I need some of the cells to not have borders.


I cannot seem to find where to turn off the bottom border of the table cells. No matter what it seems to always have that border. I have tried several values including blank in the border field under table properties and cannot get rid of the bottom border.


Any additional help on the HTML Editor would be appreciated.


Bob Donovan

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Re: Advanced Print Question - No Lines

10-30-2012 08:30 AM in reply to: DonovanJr



When you are dealing with a table in the HTML editor, If you go to advance tab, you will find the option to hide, show or change border types for grids. 

Joe Piggee
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Re: Advanced Print Question - No Lines

10-30-2012 08:46 AM in reply to: piggeej

I need a little more guidance.


When I go to the table properties I see fields for border on the general tab and border color on the advanced tab but any changes to these field seem to have no effect on the borders


Here are images of what I am looking at




Like I mentioned I am new to HTML editors and my terminology may be incorrect


When I test this I get the following



I am trying to remove the lines for the first few rows and start my border table where the quote number row starts



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