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DeviceIONotify interrupted by a change of Parent

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12-30-2011 07:18 PM
Running this piece of code during the DeviceIONotify event seems to interrupt the code evaluation and return to Mobu as if the process was done and the DeviceIONotify is never called again for that device.

void MyDevice::DeviceIONotify( kDeviceIOs pAction,FBDeviceNotifyInfo &pDeviceNotifyInfo)
HFBModel testA = new FBModel("TestA");
HFBModel testB = new FBModel("TestB");
testB->Parent = testA; //this line interrupt the code evaluation

Running these 3 lines sees to work well in the Start() process of the same device. How can I run something like this (I need to create a hierarchy of object parented to each other) based on what happens during the DeviceIONotify evaluation?