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Query about "AcDbDatabase::readDwgFile" input

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09-04-2012 07:03 AM



Whether is it ok to pass relative file path as input to "AcDbDatabase::readDwgFile" method?


In our application, we traverse xRef graph.

These xRefs can be stored with relative path to the main parent drawing.

While debugging xRef traversal, found that "AcDbDatabase::readDwgFile" is working fine with relative paths on Windows xp (64 bit) machines but same code is failing on Windows 7 (64 bit) machine.


Also tried similar code in an independent test arx command  on Windows XP (64 bit) but there also "AcDbDatabase::readDwgFile" is failing for relative paths and working fine with full paths.


So confused with expected input for "AcDbDatabase::readDwgFile".

If full path is always requried for ""AcDbDatabase::readDwgFile" then why it is working fine in my main application on XP where relative paths were given.


Thanks a lot for your time and support.


With regards




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Re: Query about "AcDbDatabase::readDwgFile" input

09-04-2012 11:09 AM in reply to: Bhong.ND

I would guess that readDwgFile will open files relastive to the current working directory, whereas the xref path is relative to the directory containing the host database drawing file. I don't think you can assume these are always the same directoryor  using the same search path.

Owen Wengerd
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